The Little Treasure of Prayers

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    A Lutheran prayer book with prayers for various situations. Converted from CCEL.

    I'm not Lutheran but these are helpful because I don't praise God enough when I pray. Too much supplication and not enough adoration if you know what I mean.

    Here's an acronym for model prayer (ACTS I) that is easy to remember. Seems to be in the correct order too.

    A - adoration (praise)
    C - confession
    T - thanksgiving
    S - supplication
    I - intercession

    See Dan 9.20, 1Ti 2.1, and Mat 6.9-
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    Thank you Bill, I fear I too am also guilty this will help. The acronym is a fantastic tool.
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    I like it, Bill!
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    Mr. Bonnell,

    I would like to communicate my appreciation for the very imaginative and extremely useful SwordSearcher modules that you have created.

    I look forward to the modules you will post in the future.

    Beverly Wynn
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    Thank you very much.
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    Welcome to the family, Beverley. Hope you find the forum useful.