User-submitted The Mercies of a Covenant God by John Warburton Corrected 1.5

The trials of John Warburton and God's faithful deliverances

  1. Regie

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    Regie submitted a new resource:

    The Mercies of a Covenant God by John Warburton - The trials of John Warburton and God's faithful deliverances

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  2. This was very edifying - There are a number of typos in it - what is the best method for these to be corrected?
  3. marty

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    Thanks, Regie!
  4. Regie

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    Please let me know and I will check them out and correct them as needed. Some things with old English spellings, etc. I do not change - such as Saviour and a few others. Of course, this was a user made module, so you should be able to change it to your liking. If not, please let me know here or at

  5. marty

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    It's easy to read this module in the Editor and fix the typos as you go. :)
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  6. For some reason, the editor capability is greyed out (in both the menu bar as well as the icon in the specific book)
  7. Brandon Staggs

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    Right-click the module tab and select the module information item from the menu. If the module is supposed to be editable but isn't, it should tell you why. Most likely the module file was not placed in an editable location. If you want to edit a module that is editable, it needs to be in your Documents\SwordSearcher User Modules folder where Windows will grant full write access to SwordSearcher.
  8. Regie

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    I don't know how in the world I managed to get this work so messed up. I have found it again at and soon I should have it shaped up and removed all the excess stuff, etc.

    As best I remember (not much to go on, since I don't know how many years it has been since I originally did the work) :) but I think I downloaded a Kindle book of this and perhaps in experimenting around with bringing it into SwordSearcher, I copied and pasted some of it more than once.

    I plan to format and do the whole work this time using Forge. Maybe, oh maybe, I will get it right this time.

  9. Regie

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    Thank you Regie,
    Every Blessings
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