Tie Audio to Reading Schedule?

Discussion in 'Future' started by Mobi, Jul 12, 2017.

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    The reading schedule is a great feature, and being able to select your daily reading audio to go along and automatically change with the schedule would be very helpful too. For example I like to listen to the Bible first, maybe several times a day on the same set of passages before and after I actually read and study the words. It would also be extremely awesome to be able to "export" the daily reading audio in MP3 or something else for the MP3 player and listen on the go. (which I do because it prevents me from getting sleepy and helps me remember) The indexed Scourby files would make it possible to do this in some reading plans that don't use full chapters sometimes.

    Just dreaming... but would be cool if it were possible; as if your list of things isn't long enough already...
    Thank you again for such and awesome tool Brandon!

    Okay I figured out part of it. I made a user book and put in the reading schedule references for the day. Then "load all verse references to verse list". Then I can play the verse list audio from that.

    The print feature of the reading schedule can handle "day" "week" "month". Can that be modified to build verse list for the user book? Can a playlist (M3U or something for "Groove") be built from/for something similar to the print dialog?
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    Some of these ideas are on my list to eventually implement. I will have to look into the playlist thing.
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    I also wondered if it is possible to have the reading schedule show the actual day number too. The current schedule shows the calendar date of the reading. I end up rescheduling sometimes, and in my user book with the references (so I can use them for the audio Bible in one "playlist"), if I use a calendar date for each entry in my user book, then all the book entries have to be changed to also correspond with the new schedules calendar dates. If I could see just the day number then if I reschedule I can still just go to the day number instead of calendar date. --- I hope this is understandable. ~Thank you again!
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    I can look into adding the day index to the columns in the reading plan manager.
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