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R. A. Torrey

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    What the Bible Teaches - R. A. Torrey

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    I disagree with Torrey's statement in the preface, and history seems to have put the RV on the shelf, but Torrey's book still has great value.

    "Wherever possible the text of the Authorized Version has been given. In many instances this was impossible, as the Revised Version is manifestly much more exact. Had it appeared that the Revised Version would soon obtain that general acceptance and use which it seems to so richly deserve, the author would have adopted it throughout, except in those rare instances where it is manifestly in error. In a few instances, it was necessary to adopt renderings differing from both the Authorized Version and the Revised Version, and from the American Appendix to the Revised Version."
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    I've been changing the RV verses to KJV, but I started halfway through. Don't know if I'll go back and change the rest. Maybe. The first three books were VERY interesting, and I wouldn't be adverse to reading them again!