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    by Jesus Christ, and God the Father

    ONE GOD, three Persons:
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    The Psalms Of David In Metre 1.0

    "These Psalms of David were taken from an old King James Bible that I found. They were paraphrased so as to be sung in church. Even so, I still found them to be faithful to the text of the King James Bible, which is always good to know. This Bible also contained an old hymnary (containing over...
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    User-submitted The Psalms Of David In Metre

    Благогласник submitted a new module: The Psalms Of David In Metre - According To The Version Approved By The Church Of Scotland And Appointed To Be Used In Worship. Read more about this module...
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    Psalms of David In Metre (Isaac Watts)

    I have converted The Psalms Of David In Metre. I hope to post it on this Forum, in the near future.