The Psalms Of David In Metre

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According To The Version Approved By The Church Of Scotland And Appointed To Be Used In Worship.

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The Psalms Of David In Metre - According To The Version Approved By The Church Of Scotland And Appointed To Be Used In Worship.

"These Psalms of David were taken from an old King James Bible that I found. They were paraphrased so as to be sung in church. Even so, I still found them to be faithful to the text of the King James Bible, which is always good to know. This Bible also contained an old hymnary (containing over 600 hymns and other paraphrased portions of Scripture to be sung). Because I love poetry, and especially poetry based on the Word of God, I fell in love instantly with this book. Now I have an opportunity to share these Psalms and metrical passages with others. Feel free to read your favourite Psalms, and read some not so familiar ones. I hope these Psalms are as much a blessing to you as they are to me..."

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What is the shortened name for your module? I think I downloaded and installed it but now cannot find it in Books. Thank you!
It's just called Psalms. If you type ctrl-m and then type metre, you should find it if you have it.
Thank you. I was able to determine that I had NOT properly downloaded it, by doing that search. Now it is downloaded and now I can find it. It helps me to know the abbreviation so I can spot it quickly with my eyes. You're right, it is just called "Psalms" and I would have missed it because of that!
Thank you, whoever you are, for posting my module here. So many years later and I no longer have access to the Psalms of David in Metre I typed up - but I am pleased to see that it is here. Hopefully I can find the few other modules I did all those years ago!
I actually got access to the old modules, imported them into Swordsearcher and uploaded them here. When Brandon approves them they will become available here (assuming he is ok with all of them). I have The Psalms Of David In Metre and The Psalms Of Isaac Watts (I know one other person posted these here years ago - but I have personally typed and proofread all these Psalms myself - not just copy/pasted from a file, and there is some extra content at the beginning), The Holy War, my two poetry books: Refuge In The Storms Of Life and The Seasons Of Your Pilgrimage. Refuge has been updated, proofread, Scriptures added to each page, with updated links to my websites and the pdf sheet music for the one song in it that has actual music for it.

I am also proofreading an excellent devotional book called Companion Of The Way. I had made a module for it years ago - but never fully went through it all checking all typos and exact wording of Scripture references (conforming it to the KJV, were it differed by typos or previous editor/author's writing. Nothing is changed of the text or what the author is saying - just made sure all references, including capitalization and wording is as the KJV has it).
Would anyone here be interested in a module for a Bible study series called Numbers In The Bible? It has 60 devotional (some indepth) studies written by me and one of my webpartners, Kate Plourde. She is solid, KJVonly, IFB - nothing wacky or inappropriate in her devotionals (I read through them all thoroughly before posting hers on my site as well as mine). For the most part, I wrote every other one, approximately half (though I never actually counted to see if I did 30 of them - I just checked, looked like I did 28 of them - though some of mine are pretty long and indepth compared to hers).

And the "Numbers" part was just the springboard idea - like if there were seven I Ams, 5 times a phrase is repeated (five being the number of grace), seven titles or names of God in Psalms 18, for example, Behold, A Fivefold Picture of Christ (using the five times Behold is used of the Lord Jesus Christ: Behold your king, Behold the Man, Behold My Servant, Behold your God, Behold the Lamb of God), one of the seven letters in Revelation 2-3 (Laodicea). It's a pretty good series, with lots of variety, such as four part studies on Paul's Final Exhortations To Timothy,

These two are already in SS9
[EWBNumber] Numbers in Scripture and jgwNumbers] Williams' Exhaustive Concordance of Bible Numbers.
Would it be a different one ? ? ?
Yes, it is a Bible Study/Devotional series one of my webpartners and I put together in 2006 I figure 60 Bible studies is a decent size for a module - especially since a few of mine are really long.
Yes I will be a taker. . . (interested.)
The studies are put into the module. Formatting is good. Just working my way through the studies, checking any links that might be in there. A couple of days more and I will submit it. Hopefully Brandon is okay with making this module available on these boards.

Rereading these studies reminds me of how much a blessing all these studies were in 2007 - and still today as God's Word never changes and His promises and care are always relevant.