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    I can do nothing without Christ. John 15:5

    I can do nothing without Christ. John 15:5
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    Peloubet's Bible Dictionary

    I am pretty sure the Peloubet dictionary is a revision of William Smith's dictionary, which is actually in SwordSearcher. [Smith] Smith's Bible Dictionary in fact, comparing some of the entries to the scan, they look the same.
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    Copyright works for personal use?

    That depends entirely on the license of the work and any overriding factors in the law (fair use, etc.). Unfortunately, there is no way to give you a direct, actionable answer, especially since I don't think any of us here are lawyers. :)
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    Copyright Status of Works

    That would depend on who has the right to grant permissions. It's complicated, an no general rule can be applied.
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    SwordSearcher on Mac OS-X?

    Your other option is to use a free VM like VirtualBox instead of Parallels. The only reason I suggest Parallels is because I have been told by Mac users that it is reliable and easy enough to use and integrates well and offers customer support. @Eric uses VirtualBox.
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    Bug in search?

    The word tree needs some special processing to match on hyphenation optionally. But once I address this issue in the module search code it should work fine across the board regardless of the search source. I am think that realistically, there shouldn't be a need to distinguish hyphens in a word...
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    His Mercy Endureth For Ever (concordance display)

    I think this looks interesting. That's a phrase search (type "his mercy endureth for ever" in the search box, with the quotes), displayed in concordance mode in the verse list panel. (You can do concordance mode by clicking the first button in the verse list toolbar.) With the number of...
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    Forum upgrade

    The server that hosts the forum has been upgraded. The database has been moved. This should fix the intermittent slowdown issues. Unfortunately, the migration seems to have introduced a problem with some of the emojis that were posted in recent posts. The feature still works, but it looks like...
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    Forum upgrade

    Thanks for the report. I'm trying to work with the web hosting company to figure out the intermittent slowdown on the forum.
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    minor highlighting enhancement

    File > Page Setup > Print Background Colors and Images.
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    Daily Bible and Prayer 2.3 Released; Integrates with SwordSearcher

    Just what is available on File, Settings.
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    Forum upgrade

    The issue was with the redirect from the previous "insecure" http address to the new https one. I've made a server configuration change that fixed it. Thanks for your patience.
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    Grayed out user toggle in Bible panel

    It's only enabled if you have a user commentary module. Did you make a commentary?
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    Forum upgrade

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    Forum upgrade

    Well, one last thought. Do you have either of the two-step verification options enabled?