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    SwordSearcher Running On Mac With Parallels Having Issue With Adding Audio Bibles

    Thanks for sharing your experience, it may be helpful to others.
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    Help file audio support

    Thanks. I'll get that fixed. The links on this page do work:
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    Glad that worked. I suppose it would be useful to have an "official" way to do this without making you open the registry editor (which I wouldn't recommend for most users!). I'll add this to the feature request list.
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    Your settings are mostly stored in the registry under Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SwordSearcher And there are some additional settings files in AppData, which you can go to by opening File Explorer and go to %AppData%\SwordSearcher The AppData files hold settings backups, audio link...
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    Style and format cleaner?

    No problem!!
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    Style and format cleaner?

    Sorry, there are no options other than what is presented in the configuration screen. The main reason the Cleaner was added was to remove the very kind of formatting you are wanting to keep, so I don't think it's going to work in your case.
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    SwordSearcher 8.3 Released, 25th Anniversary!

    Please see the Upgrade FAQ. The easiest way to find out is to go to Help, Check for Updates. Please send an email to me at if you need me to look up your prior order history/etc and work anything out.
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    Any Thoughts about Way of Life Literature?

    Their Way of Life Encyclopedia, and their book Things Hard to be Understood. Just for clarity: the SwordSearcher WOL module is only available directly from Way of Life Literature.
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    Implemented! Copy widget

    Just an update. I implemented this feature request in version 8.3. When you click any of the verse widgets, there is now a subtle visual cue (the icon shrinks as you click it) so you know it worked.
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    Transfer Reading Program

    Are you referring to your reading schedules in SwordSearcher? Those are stored, along with any user modules and Bible highlighting data, in your user Documents\SwordSearcher User Modules folder. After installing SwordSearcher on your new computer, you just need to copy the files from that folder...
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    25 years developing SwordSearcher

    I wrote this short post on my personal blog, and figured some people here would like to see it. To everyone who has been supporting SwordSearcher for so many years: THANK YOU! 25 years is a LONG TIME to be able to work on one software project! 25 Years a Bible Software Developer In 1994, just...
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    Audio Bible support information (Update March 2019)

    With SwordSearcher 8.3, audio Bible support has been significantly expanded, with verse-level synchronization available for multiple mp3 audio Bibles, and the ability to link an unlimited number of audio Bibles at the same time. Note that SwordSearcher does not come with an audio Bible. You may...
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    Most accurate audio Bible module for pronunciation?

    I still need to update that audio info page, maybe later today. I don't know if there is a definitive answer to your question. Having worked through these audio Bibles over the last few months, my opinion is that it's a toss-up between Scourby and McClean.
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    Included Handfuls on Purpose by James Smith and Robert Lee

    Handfuls on Purpose is now part of the SwordSearcher library as of version 8.3.
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    SwordSearcher 8.3 Released, 25th Anniversary!

    SwordSearcher 8.3 is now available. In addition to some great new library content, the big update in this release is enhanced Audio Bible support. There are now several narrations supported by SwordSearcher's audio Bible integration and you may link in as many audio Bibles as you have on your...