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    Uniform text

    No, the paste will keep most of the source formatting, but you can try the "paste as plain text" option to scrub all formatting from the source before it pastes. You can find it on the Edit menu, the right-click menu, or just press Shift+Ctrl+V to use it.
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    Editing Module Information

    The right-click module tab info screen is not editable inside of SwordSearcher, so you're not missing it. The only way to make your own text for that info screen is to build your module with Forge instead of doing it inside of SwordSearcher.
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    Uniform text

    You can do a style and format clean across an entire user module. Just be aware, this cannot be undone. You should make backups of your modules before you try this, just in case you don't like the result...
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    Since the tabs themselves don't accept focus, there is no focus change in response to clicking one. So the designed behavior is to leave the focus wherever it was when the tab is clicked. There are probably exceptions to this and it can get pretty complicated keeping track of it. I think it's...
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    How to escape <characters> in Code Mode in User module?

    If you export for forge, it will keep your verse references tagged, and there's no way to change that.
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    Search for phrase anomaly

    FWIW, if you use specific operators like phrases or boolean symbols in the main search bar, it will just default to doing a boolean style search that favors & (and). We're getting pretty technical here aren't we? :-)
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    Search for phrase anomaly

    It's basically ignoring the "search method" since you already told it what phrase you want to search for. If your goal is to specify multiple phrases, you can certainly do that, but you need to consistently use the "quotes for phrases" if you do. The phrase search method is just an easy way...
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    Search for phrase anomaly

    Looks right to me. The verse says "now a days" and your search term excludes the phrase "not many days" so it can still match. Literally your search terms say: Find verses that have the words "many" and "days" in them, but exclude verses with the phrase "not many days." The results I am...
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    How to escape <characters> in Code Mode in User module?

    If you're goal is to rebuild the export as a Bible module, then you will have to either convert it to plain text externally (somehow), or avoid doing anything that requires HTML code, including avoiding characters that require HTML escape sequences to see. I am sorry I missed your first...
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    How to escape <characters> in Code Mode in User module?

    Yes, in HTML you need to use &lt; and &gt; You don't have to escape everything on the list, but the special characters < > and & should always be escaped when you are hand-editing HTML. &lt; < &gt; > &amp; &
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    Possible Dictionary

    Since it is a modern copyrighted work, with special tagging needs due to the special augmented Strong's numbering it needs, it probably won't get added.
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    Library search

    Quite right. I've put this on the to-do list.
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    John Phillips Commentary

    Sure, but I tried to contact the copyright holder to see about doing it, and got nowhere.
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    Linking To Other Items On Hard Drive

    It's easy to add web links to the editor (just drag from the address bar of your web browser into the editor), but unfortunately this doesn't work for direct file links. The only way to do this is to manually create file:// links in the code editor of the entry.
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    Implemented! Custom Bible Reading Plan

    This is on the feature request list.