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    Glitch in verse recognition for verse list

    Yuep. And this will be fixed in the next update.
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    Ten Ideas

    I don't usually like to comment on new features in development until they are released, but... This particular feature request will be in the next update, unless something horrible and totally unforeseen happens before then. It is already being tested. And... No, I do not have a date on this...
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    Ah, yes, if I were to remove the ability to highlight at a word level, then it would be very easy to have it go across all Bible modules.
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    I don't see how a highlight in one translation could carry over into another. They have different word counts, different words, different word orders, etc. In the case of different languages, the differences are so stark...
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    Somehow missing a module supposed to be in the Deluxe

    The CBN is the Companion Bible Notes. The CBApx is the Appendix part of the Companion Bible. That constitutes the entirety of the Companion Bible insofar as non-Scripture content is concerned. There is no Companion Bible Module per se, as that would be no different from the KJV Bible module.
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    Widget highlighting

    You can change the verse widget color in File, Preferences, Fonts and Colors. Try playing with the widget color to find one that works better for you. The color of the "grayed out" commentary widgets is calculated based on the widget color selection and the background of the panel. The default...
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    Big Picture Bible Study

    Done, no problem. The current module is here:
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    One Hundred Bible Lessons (Alban Douglas)

    No inconvenience at all. Thanks!
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    One Hundred Bible Lessons (Alban Douglas)

    Please see this post: If it was published after 1923, the only way you know for sure that you can re-publish it is if there is an explicit statement from the copyright holder saying so, or if you obtain permission from...
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    About the SwordSearcher Traning Videos forum

    Yeah, I upload them to YouTube right here:
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    Module Discussion - this is a doozy

    The easiest way to know where SwordSearcher is looking for your user modules is to go to the File menu, select Preferences, and go to the Module File Locations page: You can right-click a module location and select Show in Explorer to open Explorer there, too. You could, but I really don't...
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    downloading bible modules

    This post should help: If that doesn't do it, let me know.
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    Reading Schedule

    That's probably the best way to handle it. The schedule system doesn't presently support empty plan days. I'd like to eventually add that as a feature.
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    Failed Attempts with SSForge

    Please zip and attach the file that you are feeding into Forge. I can't be helpful without seeing it.
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    KJV-TSK Flyout

    Just click the arrow. The pop-up with the verses is not meant to be clicked on itself. It's a preview of what you will see if you click the arrow. This video demonstrates.