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    English-Strongs Indexer

    I'll put this on the feature request list. Shouldn't be a problem to add this.
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    Make highlight type (color) "sticky" when editing user modules

    Redesigning the highlighting system is on the road map for a future major release. One of the aspects of that design would be custom colors for Bible highlighting. I have no estimate to give you regarding when that will happen, though.
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    Make highlight type (color) "sticky" when editing user modules

    Actually, after some more thought, this isn't appropriate because the selection is supposed to show you the current color of the selected text the same way a font dialog shows you the current settings, not the most recently applied settings to some other text. I think what you should use is the...
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    Make highlight type (color) "sticky" when editing user modules

    Note in the request list. Thanks!
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    Copy paste issues

    If I understand you correctly, you're saying that if you copy text in SwordSearcher, you can paste it into your OpenOffice document by typing CTRL+V. That would indicate it's working fine, except that there is a bug in OpenOffice that isn't updating their toolbar to reflect the new content on...
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    Copy paste issues

    On the off-chance you are using Webroot, please review this post, perhaps you have some anti-virus software aggressively interfering with basic clipboard operations:
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    Copy paste issues

    I would be happy to try to help. I am not aware of any copy and paste problems with the current version of SwordSearcher and MS Office, which I am also using. Just now I performed some testing, just in case a recent Office update changed something, and it is working as expected. Can you try...
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    Print Notes & Bible Text Together

    There's no way to do this right now.
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    Visible tabs?

    Do you wan them all to show? Because you could easily hide most of them and have them appear when they're wanted... from the tabs menu choose "Select which tabs to show." But if you want them all visible, that's fine too. :)
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    Text to Speech

    No, it's not something that has been implemented yet.
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    Removing superscript footnotes when using Forge

    Forge processes HTML input. It doesn't remove formatting. If it's not showing up superscript it is likely an HTML coding issue.
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    Word tree

    That could be useful. Right now it just gives the Word Tree window focus if it's already open... That is in the feature request list already, thanks! :)
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    What I love about SwordSearcher

    I'm so glad you like it! Thanks for using SwordSearcher and telling us why you're using it.
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    Editor upgrade to the Sword Searcher Program

    SwordSearcher can't be configured to print in columns, no. But your printer driver may already allow you to do this. When you go to print from SwordSearcher, in the window that lets you choose your printer, select "Preferences." This should open your printer's driver dialog. Note that once you...
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    English to Hebrew/Greek Analysis

    No trouble at all. Happy to have these kinds of things public here for anyone to see.