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    Edersheim's Life & Times

    I used the 2 volume book in bible college. I'll be very happy when it becomes available.
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    Pls recommend tablet for elderly use

    I have a RCA tablet with Windows 10. My SS runs very good on it
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    Im planning on purchasing a RCA Cambio tablet with Windows 10.

    Thanks Rev Tim. Brandon has fixed me up. I installed it on my windows tablet. works good.
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    Im planning on purchasing a RCA Cambio tablet with Windows 10.

    i couldnt download it from my copy. i was able to download the evaluation copy. i will email you
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    Im planning on purchasing a RCA Cambio tablet with Windows 10.

    this one has the keyboard and windows 10 home I have taken and tried to download 8.4 it keeps asking for a file to install but there is hope have a good day dale
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    Im planning on purchasing a RCA Cambio tablet with Windows 10.

    Has anyone downloaded Sword Searcher to a Windows Tablet. If so was there any problems and did it work properly?
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    Wow it looks so nice and this updated website just pops out. Thanks for all you do Brandon
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    Mobile SwordSearcher?

    I use MySword for my Android phone, would really like SS for it. If you want you might look at what they (MySword) has and how it works might help in designing something that works pretty easy. Has Bibles commentary and help books that are fairly easy to maneuver through. Dale
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    All the Religions

    When I was in Bible College we had a class on all the different religions and what they believed, As some believe that Amish is a religion it is infact a way of life. Is there a book that can be used and added to SS. Even in the modules would be nice... Wish I still had my college book... dale
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    what are the chances for a swordsearcher android app

    It would be nice for an app for android, easy to carry around and I personally could us it at church. Looking forward to one. Having to use olivetree now and its ok but I'm so used to SS its just not the same Keep up the good work Brandon and may God Bless You Dale
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    I pad or Android Tablets

    I dont know if it has been asked but are considering making a version for these tablets? They would be easy to carry and use if you are thinking of doing it. thanks dale
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    Feedback request: SwordSearcher videos

    As everyone else has said the Videos are great. They would help a first timer to get right into using SS. Even after using this software since version 3.1 I learned a thing or two that i have not used. thanks dale
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    SS for a PDA

    ok thank you just wondering. dale
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    SS for a PDA

    This may have been asked but do you have a version for a PDA (pocket pc) It would great for carring around dale
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    I know it probably been said many times over but this is the greatest program ive used yet. I use it for my sermon preps and reading and studying. Thanks Brandon for all your hard work dale