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    SwordSearcher 8.3 Released, 25th Anniversary!

    Congratulations and may we grow in the Lord and SS another 25 years.
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    User-submitted Morning and Evening Readings - Spurgeon

    Missed a key word....UNZIPPED.... :oops: ...
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    User-submitted Morning and Evening Readings - Spurgeon

    I have them and installed them unzipped into the folder along with the calendar., but what to I link????
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    User-submitted Morning and Evening Readings - Spurgeon

    What is it that we are putting in the edit to link?? I get no sound or reading. 5. The module can be edited so you can insert links to the correct SME commentary reading if you want. (I did this for Jan 1 - 5. I plan to add the links as I read the devotional.) Here's how:
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    Hungarian Bible Modules

    Köszönöm szépen
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    SwordSearcher on Linux

    No being one to give up, I discovered that VirtualBox will allow SS to run in Linux as if....
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    SwordSearcher on Mac OS-X?

    My 2 cents, is I have it running on Linux, I had it running on OSX, my primary box for SS is always going to be W10. It just works and not tweaking needed.
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    User-submitted Big Picture Bible Study Materials

    What a wonderful resource, I will spend hours studying in a new way.
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    Forum upgrade

    This did the trick.
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    Daily Bible and Prayer 2.3 Released; Integrates with SwordSearcher

    Well done as always, thank you.
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    website fonts not rendering correctly: Firefox

    I've been using OSX and firefox for years and have never experience this. Current versions are OSX 10.13.4 and Firefox 60.0.1 64 bit.
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    SwordSearcher on Linux

    I have given up on SS on Linux, every update or two always breaks something. Codeweavers on my Mac however runs good, looks good, still has the webding missing icons thing but works for me.
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    SwordSearcher 8.2 Released

    Congratulations on another great release.
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    Create module from epub book

    Good find, thanks Bill.