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    Included Strong's Greek Dictionary [SGreek] [Deluxe]

    using it a lot .... thank again.
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    Scroll Position not saved in Commentary/Books Bookmarks

    how can I get to "scroll" window as the pic ? ? OK found it..... thanks
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    Poor text search results

    Works for me, no prob. I say: Pr30.18 and it shows up.
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    Understanding the Bible: An Independent Baptist Commentary

    Yes, indeed, SS9 offer SO SO SO much. This is such a WELL done program. Some times, often, I Shift+Alt+T, and look at ALLLLLL, the Bibles, commentaries, books, and compare with some free program what they offer, and I just say to myself, "what a wonderful tool." in SS9. There is SUCH a...
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    Understanding the Bible: An Independent Baptist Commentary

    It is a GREAT commentary. Which, once you get it, you will use a lot. You will check one verse, and THEN, by curiosity, will go to many verses that you already know just to see what UTB says. first time I was caught in a "domino effect". (just by checking your "already notes", will you double...
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    Organizing Sermons

    I do classified them by: 0001: xxxxxx then 0002: xxxxxx so i classified them as "numerical". or alphabetical, just the title.
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    Could someone make a video featuring the less known features of SwordSearcher

    YES ! ! ! F1 is my "best friend", when it comes to "tweak" my "operational tasks". here an example: Shift + Alt+ T = Totals of how many Bibles, Commentaries, Books ye have ! F1 gives you the location, location, location. There are SO many actions, features, assets, in SS9, that indeed I...
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    Module does not appear in folder

    Your SS9 is physically sitting in Program Files, BUT ALLL your Bibles, commentaries, and books, will be sitting in Documents/SwordSearcher User Modules. (and "if" you have copies in that folder, you may remove them. ) When I download a new module from someone, I Ctrl+C from download folder, and...
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    Module does not appear in folder

    So when you click from SS9 "Files", and then you save, that's where it will be saved.
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    Module does not appear in folder

    A good fast way to see "How Many" ye have: Shift+Alt+T. It will show you how many, Bibles, commentaries, books. UNBELIEVEABLE how many we gather after so many years ! ! ! :p ( I "did" that cleaning few years back, now I remember.)
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    Prayer Tracker

    Indeed, it is a wonderful multi-tools. the only thing I do not use it for is, Daily Bible Reading Plan, for I do use SS9's. Yes, there could be a "consolidating" function included in SS9. "OR" a least kinda have a "button" link to it for a quick opening. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful tool to me.
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    Prayer Tracker

    Prayer Tracker Program is my best to go tool to keep "Track" of all my prayers over years. Probably since when you created it Sir. "How" hard it would be to turn it into a "Dark Mode" program? --> For those who are wondering what I'm talking about: it is the "DAILY BIBLE and PRAYER" program to...
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    MAN ! Do I love seeing members, "learning" ALL the tools of SS9. After 12 years in it, I am still learning.... My "GO TO" is always my best friend; F1 and all the vids. Loll. What a Blessing !