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    SwordSearcher 8.3 Released, 25th Anniversary!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! 25 years, wow what an amazing achievement 🙌👏👏👍! May God continue to bless you and your work towards the furtherance of His Kingdom.
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    Quality pdf Downloads for tanakh and Stephanus Greek NT

    I use that search engine and it is really good at finding stuff I don't get using Google or Bing 🙂
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    The Outlined Bible by Robert Lee

    Nice 👌
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    User-submitted Dr. Thomas Constable Audio Lessons on Books of the Bible

    It's a great deal easier to listen to things while I do my housework than to sit down and read (the housework seems to go faster too 😁)
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    Nisan 17

    I've heard about this but never researched it... thanks! :)
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    Rahab, Rachab

    Also Boaz was apparently much older than Ruth.
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    Rahab, Rachab

    I have always believed so yes. Do you think that they are two different persons?
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    Paul's Missionary Journeys

    Hi all, I came across this neat site via a twitter post. Viz.Bible | Map of Paul's Missionary Journeys (Interactive)
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    More versions, please!

    Just subscribed to your YouTube channel... so I'm very happy to see that I have a few videos to look at! :)
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    Short Verses

    Me too :)
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    Read scripture

    Interesting thought...
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    Mid-east Update Videos

    Thanks for keeping us up-to-date Ishak 👍
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    SwordSearcher 8.2 Released

    Congratulations indeed on another great release Brandon! I am looking forward to exploring all the new features (she rubs hers hands in excitement)!
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    Author John H. Walton

    Can't say I've heard of him much less read anything by him o_O sorry.