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    Lamentations 2

    Ditto!!! You come up with SUCH interesting, mind and heart opening information Bill. Thanks
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    No BDB or Thayers?

    Amen in agreement to all that was said. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide you brother. God bless.
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    User-submitted S.C. Adams Syncronological Chart

    Wow! This is amazing! Thanks Bill, you do come up with some great stuff 🙂
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    God's words in blue.

    Yes, but this concept is having God the Father's words in another color ☺… at least that's the idea I got 🤔… however I am not particularly fond of e-sword though, tried it once and deleted it.
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    God's words in blue.

    Oh, ok. :)
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    God's words in blue.

    Nice, but I don't have e-sword 🤷
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    God's words in blue.

    Interesting concept 🧐 but I don't know of any such Bible 🤷‍♀️. I also would like that, so ditto the question.
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    What is the Muslim Brotherhood?

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    KJV Dictionary and Grammar

    Thanks for sharing.
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    User-submitted Dr. Constable’s Expository (Bible Study) Notes, Web-based

    It's neat how it points to the latest notes. Thanks Bill. 🙂
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    The word Amen

    Fascinating to both posts :)
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    What are you studying right now?

    Right! That page was from recent additions which will move after a while 🤦‍♀️. Sorry about that folks and thanks Bill for posting the permanent link
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    User-submitted Bible Outlines - Walter Scott

    Thanks Martin 👍
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    User-submitted Bible Outlines - Walter Scott

    Will wait for the update before downloading :)