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    Mid-east Update Videos

    Again, this is not a video or a middle-east update, however the sermon is on point and interesting in its comprehensive perspective. Is the Time of the Feet Coming? - Download Dr. H. T. Spence President of Foundations Bible College, and Pastor of Foundations Bible Collegiate Church Summary...
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    Asking for Prayer

    This is indeed good news Marty 🙌!! Thanks for letting us know 😊
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    Asking for Prayer

    Thanks for the update and will continue to lift her up in prayer.
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    Asking for Prayer

    How is she doing Marty?
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    Teach us

    Amen brother!!!
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    User-submitted Fear of the Lord

    Thanks indeed Bill, this is beautiful... I love it 😊
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    Who Loves You?

    Listening to your list now and it's GREAT. Thanks 😊
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    Asking for Prayer

    I love her spirit... Adding her to my prayer list 🙏
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    Odd problem

    Glad you got that sorted out and shared it with us Regie, I'll certainly know what to do now if that EVER happened to me!!! Thanks for saving me some hair pulling moments 😊;)
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    Parents' Prayer for a Child

    I came across this and it really moved my heart. I don't recall exactly where I got it from... but I'm sharing it with you A Prayer of Parents What shall we ask for our little child? Shall we ask for fame in this world defiled? For the dear-bought wisdom of earthly springs, Or a skillful hand...
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    Learning how to study God's word

    Welcome Doug, lots of good advice to be found here and I see members have already given you quite a bit... Enjoy your awesome purchase and may it help you in your journey to... 2 Peter 3:18 ...grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now...
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    Is SwordSearcher right for me?

    Hi di9girl, welcome to the family of Christ and may the Holy Spirit guide you into all truth and may you ALWAYS desire and love the truth. The others have well said it all :)
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    Mid-east Update Videos

    This is not a middle east update nor a video but I thought it a very good sermon. The Sign of the Potter's House - Download Dr. H. T. Spence President of Foundations Bible College, and Pastor of Foundations Bible Collegiate Church
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    Quick Concordance.

    I totally agree!!!
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    SwordSearcher 8.4 Released with new Quick Concordance Tool and more

    Thank you Brandon for another GREAT update. God has indeed blessed you and you have been a tremendous blessing to us all 🤗! Stay safe all 🙏