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    Too many to list, however I am fond of all the numerous shortcuts. Most user-friendly Bible Software available hands down. Thanks Brandon:>)
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    SwordSearcher 9 Released with Dark Mode and more

    Hello Brandon and all my SS friends. Thank you Brandon for the new release, all the new, improved bells and whistles. Appreciate the many loyal followers, and new folks who are always ready to help one another, the great modules that folks have offered up unselfishly and really enjoy the Spirit...
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    SwordSearcher 8.2 Released

    Will be ordering the CD here in a short, but the "WORD TREE" is just plain off the charts! How in the world you came up with that is only by divine inspiration. Lord bless you and am looking forward to my CD when ordered:)
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    is there a macro for msword?

    AV1611 1+6+1+1=9 The number 9 in typology is God's number for completeness, ordained, fullness of God's plan, finality. Christ died at the 9th hour or 3pm and declared "It is finished" to make salvation available available to everyone. His work on "earth" was finished, complete- albeit his...
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    is there a macro for msword?

    Thank the good Lord for Bible Freaks......., Jesus Freaks-- you are being counted and measured not with the GOATS, but with the SHEEP. Anytime we have doubts we understand by our "final authority" that your adversary (personal) is the one wanting you, me, us to doubt. You have boldness brother...
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    is there a macro for msword?

    SS is my go to Bible Software..........., I have a few other programs- but appreciate how Brandon exalts the KJV. I have a separate monitor that I use just for SS. The community here you will find is outstanding, compassionate and very helpful. I do not know every one's doctrine here- however...
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    is there a macro for msword?

    It is always a blessing and a nugget when the Holy Spirit (capital S) reveals that teaching truth to you. Kind of like Jesus and Joshua in Hebrews...........gotta watch 'em, the devil knows his Bible as well:eek:
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    is there a macro for msword?

    Logitech G400 Gaming Mouse, inexpensive and works great....
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    is there a macro for msword?

    this is an inexpensive mouse with an easy to program macro........... $24.00/free shipping
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    is there a macro for msword?

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Brother..........beings that I am a disabled vet with nerve damage to both of my hands I purchased some gaming mice where you can program macro's into one of the buttons of your choice thereby...
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    Yes I was referring to the global zoom..........moving between 2 monitors at times gets crazy, but the ctr-scroll works fine Thank You:D
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    I apologize as I initially put this in the wrong thread.....:( Would be nice if it was possible have custom zoom vs predefined levels?
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    SS8.1.1.42 Update Windows 7 Issues

    SwordSearcher-8.0-to- I downloaded the above upgrade and it installed flawlessly on my Windows 10 machine, however my Windows 7 machine which I have alongside and I use as my dedicated Bible, Sword Searcher, etc. machine it will not install and I get an error message? What...
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    User-submitted Words of Jesus Christ in the New Testament

    terrpn submitted a new module: Words of Jesus Christ in the New Testament - Words of Jesus Christ in the New Testament Read more about this module...
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    Words of Jesus Christ in the New Testament 2016-06-13

    Words of Jesus Christ in the New Testament