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All of Christ's Words [AOCW] Ver. 6.0 12_19_2023
A Study of Jesus

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Pastor Langley
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  1. Corrected map links

    Corrected links to maps as instructed by those on the forum. Hope those who helped will test...

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I appreciate having more of Christ's words pointed out in this module. I found them myself and was confused some years ago that in red letter editions they were not red letter. Now it's good to see that I wasn't completely off, such as Revelation 21:5-8. I see that it's more than I saw before, and really enjoy having the option of looking through a menu or looking just at the actual scriptures written out.
Pastor Langley
Pastor Langley
You are very kind, as I am a newbie at this. It has been rewarding to put it together and my wife and I are starting a new study of this very topic. Maybe we will call it; "Just Jesus". Again thanks for the encouragement and hope many will get use of it.
I like having access immediately to Christ's words, but even more having it summarized for me so I can find what I am looking for fast! More helpful than I thought it would be.
Pastor Langley
Pastor Langley
Thank you. Consider replacing [AOCW] All of Christ's Words with Version 4.0 and please let me know what you think.