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Atlas of SwordSearcher Maps 1.1
with links to the Topic and Verse Guide

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This module consists of 27 Rand McNally maps distributed with SwordSearcher. Each map contains links for cities, regions, bodies of water, mountains, etc.. When the links are clicked the Topic and Verse Guide will open showing relevant resources for that location. Clicking on a non-linked area will bring up the TVG awaiting your input.

Clicking a small area at the very top left corner of any map will return to the table of contents.

Map #23-25 and 27 do not have individual links but will still open the TVG when clicked. I may link these at some point but they are a little redundant with other maps and I was getting tired :)
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  1. Atlas1 Update

    Hot-spots added on the remaining four maps to open the Topic and Verse Guide when clicking on...