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Clarke's Scripture Promises 1.0
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Samuel Clark came from a long line of Puritan ministers. He was a distinguished Bible scholar and a caring pastor. His ordination in the Dagnall Lane Chapel (where we used to meet) in 1712 was attended by several notable 'dissenting' ministers of the day. The closing exhortation at the service was delivered by Matthew Henry, the famous Bible commentator. Pastor Clark ran a weekly Bible class for young people, teaching scripture and practical Christian living. Following this he published a book of Scriptural Promises, a compilation of Bible texts assembled under 170 headings. This book remained popular well into the nineteenth century. Isaac Watts, the hymn writer, wrote an introduction in which he described Clark as 'The worthy author of this collection, whom I have long known and esteem and honour'. In about 1720 Samuel Clark founded one of the earliest charity schools for the children of Protestant Dissenters. It lasted for well over 100 years.
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