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The Life of John Bunyan [evBunyan] 1.0
A biography by Edmund Venables, M.A.

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I have not read all of this book. But from what I've known and what I've learned so far has greatly helped me in my own spiritual walk with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
I lost a fair amount of downloads due to losses through computer malfunctions. I've always had it in my heart to at least to let some of those preaching, to see that they havbe been talked out of the Holy Bible that I honestly believe is the Word of God in Biblical English. And that all Scripture is Inspired: I believe that God Almighty gave the English speaking people a Bible without any proven error; and has sealed it with the blood of His martyrs and with the Holy Spirit!
Biblical critics (most of them) think they are smarter than true Bible Believers, and call what they do a science. What I perceive is they just want to rid the body of Christ of the Absolute authority of the Authorized Version of 1611 and the A.V. line to the present. I suppose because it shines a very bright light on all of our sins. Then there are others who do not really believe that the Holy Bible is the Word of God. They just do not fear the Lord when it comes to tampering with His Word.
May the Grace and Peace of God be with you all in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. Thomas E. Morris