1. dcausby

    Check boxes in search results

    How about a feature that allows you, after performing a bible search for example, to check verses using a check box then have a shortlist of actions you can perform on the checked verses. These actions could include, e.g., "copy checked verses to clipboard", "filter this list" (so it only shows...
  2. dcausby

    The ability to carry over a study session?

    I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a feature that carried over a study session, including search results, verse-lists, etc. I often spend a couple of days preparing messages and frequently refer to multiple search results to make connections between ideas, so this feature...
  3. Editor

    Send to browser, or.. search in browser

    Not meaning to flood with topics, and Yes.. have spent a lot of time last night reading and searching in the Help section. Is there a convenient way to link a phrase, or send it external to SS to the browser for a search? What would be good, is to have a Context Menu (right-mouse) function...