Books abbreviated or not?

Pastor Langley

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I saw this somewhere. When making abbreviations for Bible Books just cannot find it:
1 Sam, 1 Samuel, i Sam
SS gets it right every time THATS GREAT not what asking here...
Why the different colors is what am asking.
This is a Commentary Module. "Style and Format Cleaner" used before sending (images) in this request?
Sometimes the SS editor is Blue and/or Green... Any help here. Sure hope this is not a dumb one I'm asking. Ha! :cool:
PS - in the editor this happens not in the actual module, verse links are blue.

Example: from inside the SS editor first is Heb abbrev. no change

Second is spelling out Hebrews no change


And here is same but Green
In the editor, a green dotted line means the link is recognized from plain text input and will be linked when the entry is shown in the commentary or book panel. The solid blue means the link is "hardcoded" in the entry the way you see it.