Broken lines?


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When we have a document we copy and place into a SwordSearcher module and the document consists of tons and tons of broken lines, what is an easy and possibly an effective way of removing those line breaks? Doing the format option in the edit mode did not do it for me and I have ended up going to each broken line and deleting to bring the lines together.
Surely this must be an easier, more effective way of doing it than this. Nothing I unchecked in the format option did the job.
Sounds like you are pasting in something that had hard returns at the end of each line. There is no automated way to remove that formatting from within SwordSearcher.
Thanks Brandon for your reply.

I finally came up with a workaround for it. I went into the code editor and removed all the <br> tags (or whatever they are called). Afterward, I had to separate the paragraphs in the design mode.