Can the "enter key" and "Shift+EnterKey functions be switched?

When I press the enter Key (when I'm in the editor) it adds a blank line before the next line.
When I press Shift+Enter key a blank line is NOT added before the next line.

I use the Shift+Enter Key all the time. I hardly ever use the Enter key by its self. And It's starting to affect my work in other programs because I use the shift+enter key in them too.

Is there any way the enter key can be programed to NOT insert a blank line before the next line or is there a way to reverse these two functions.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Brandon Staggs

Staff member
Sorry, the editor uses the standard convention when editing new documents (like MS Word default style) which set paragraphs with a vertical margin.

Please note that when you use Shift+Enter you are telling the editor to make a line break, not a new paragraph.

The behavior/presentation of the editor is standard for HTML editing, and all of the formatted text content in SwordSearcher is stored as HTML.

I will add your request to the feature request list. However, since Shift+Enter is a line break and not a paragraph, it is more likely that an option to change the paragraph formatting of new entries to not use a vertical margin is how this would be handled.