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User-submitted Companion Bible PDF files with notes and appendices 1.0
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Companion Bible PDF files with notes and appendices - Bookshelf selector for choosing each PDF

The Companion Bible Notes and Appendices modules are part of the SwordSearcher Deluxe Package.

This module contains the whole Companion Bible with notes, appendices, and features like chiastic structures shown in the sample page below the bookshelf. Bullinger saw these structure throughout the Bible. They are difficult to create in a text module. (The module is large - 450 megabytes).

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Example page from the Genesis.pdf showing chiastic...
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Is this the same thing as the Companion Bible Notes commentary included with SS or is it a different publication?
This module is the actual Bullinger Companion Bible in PDF format. The SS Companion Bible Notes are intended to be the same, but it would be impossible to organize and capture the exact system of notes. Go here and download a small book and compare with the SS notes. It's hard to explain. The SS notes are more useful since all mentioned references are linked to the Bible.