Crossover by CodeWeavers (SwordSearcher on Mac)

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I just wanted to put a post up about Crossover by CodeWeavers. I have read some posts on here where people have had some issues with running Sword Searcher on Crossover. I have been running SS on Parallels for 5 or 6 years. Over the years I found that Parallels really slowed down my system and I was running that extra platform just for SS. I recently bought a MacBook Air to replace my ailing 6 1/2 yr old MacBook and decided I wasn't running two operating systems on it. I downloaded the trial version of Crossover and emailed back and forth with their sales support to figure out how to load SS onto Crossover. There was a little bit of a learning curve especially loading my pre-purchased SS modules. I purchased the latest version of SS and SS is now running fabulously. It's so nice having a quick responsive computer again. I was considering moving away from SS only because I didn't think there was an option for me to run it. There are tools on SS that I was going to seriously miss and I am ecstatic that I don't need to move to another Bible program.

Here is probably the best page to download Crossover for your SS.

As Brandon Staggs has said in some of the forum posts it is essential that you install Crossover with the proper CrossTie. I accidentally tried to install it without the CrossTie and SS kept crashing while it was trying to open up.

Crossover support gave me the following link with instructions for e Sword and the instructions are pretty much the same for Sword Searcher.;tips=1#tip4407

An additional goodie is that if you are a Sword Searcher customer Crossover will give you a 25% discount.

I hope this can be of some help to those running SS on Macs. I could write up a brief tutorial if it would be helpful of what I have learned. Having said that, I am no authority on the subject.

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P.S. The attached file is Sword Searcher running flawlessly on Crossover.



Just wanting to confirm Greg's words. Using SS7.1 through Crossover and it appears to be working flawlessly. I've even added the Scourby audio and after a couple of restarts, it's also working well! I will add one extra step I had to take which Greg did not mention: once installed on your Mac, you will need to change the default fonts from Arial Unicode MS (which appeared pixelated and i's looked like l's). I changed my font to Helvetica and it looks great.

Crossover is better suited if you don't want to be running two systems which impacts upon your computer resources. You also don't need a Windows license which makes it a more cost effective option.

As far as I'm concerned, SwordSearcher is still the best Bible software on the market. The high cost Mac alternatives with flashy interfaces look pretty, but fall short to the usability which SS provides.

Brandon Staggs

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Thank you both for your posts!