When I click on a verse to copy it, the curser begins to highlight several lines below. This happens only in Swordsearcher.
When I click on a verse to copy it, the curser begins to highlight several lines below. This happens only in Swordsearcher.
What version of SwordSearcher are you using? That sounds a lot like a bug from a very old version that was fixed long ago. It would only affect systems using certain scaling settings.
There are SO MANY features in the SwordSearcher 9 ! ! ! !
Amen Lord !
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What's New in SwordSearcher 9​

Dark mode interface option added!
  • With a click of one button, you can switch between light and dark color modes.
  • The new dark mode has been requested by many SwordSearcher users and is a big help in reducing certain kinds of eye strain or when using SwordSearcher in a dark environment.
  • Your personal color settings for text and text backgrounds are maintained on a per-color-mode basis, so you can easily switch between light and dark modes, using your preferred colors for each setting on the fly.
  • To go along with the new dark mode, the Word Cloud Generator and Word Trees tools have a new color theme option: River.This new color option works in either light or dark mode but is especially well-suited for dark mode.

    Click here for more details and screen shots about color modes.
New modules:
  • The Works of B. H. Carroll [CarrollWks], 14 volume set. A single module with 14 books containing works of Benajah Harvey Carroll, First President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
  • Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Commentary Unabridged [JFBu], 3-volume edition of the JFB commentary with about twice as much content as the single-volume edition that is in the JFB module. (Note this new module is JFBu, and the previous JFB module is still included.) Most of the additional (unabridged) content is in the Old Testament.
New layout system functionality based on user requests:
  • The layout/docking system has had some core parts of it redesigned so that sizing and docking layout panels requires a lot less "hand holding" by the user. Making custom layouts and moving panels around is now more intuitive and faster.
  • Resizing SwordSearcher will proportionally resize all of the panels inside.
  • For custom layouts, when re-docking panels to new locations, the "sibling" panels are all evenly divided inside the container automatically. They can then be sized manually if desired.
  • All of your previously configured custom layouts will continue to work with the new system!
Windows 11 support.
  • Several windows, menus, and controls have been updated so that they work properly in Microsoft Windows 11. (Windows 8 and 10 are still supported, too!)
  • Enhanced support for the new Windows 11 window snapping system.
Improved windowing system for SwordSearcher tool windows:
  • Top-level windows like the Topic Guide, Passage Analyses Tool, English-Strong's Indexer, etc., now appear along with SwordSearcher's main icon on the task bar, and participate in Windows task-switching when they are open.
  • You can use Alt+Tab to switch between open SwordSearcher tool windows along with other applications in Windows.
  • All SwordSearcher top-level tool windows can be "snapped" to the sides of monitors, etc. This works in Windows 10 Snap Assist, and especially well with the new Windows 11 Snap functionality accessible from the maximize icon on these windows.
New Clone Panel windowing:
  • The previous Clone Panel system (for creating new Bible, Book, and Commentary text displays) has been extended to use top-level windows that participate in Alt+Tab task switching and the Windows Snap functionality, and can be maximized or minimized.
  • Although these clone panels are not "dockable" panels, the previous clone panel system with dockable panels can be selected if you prefer that. The setting is in File, Preferences, Layout Options.
Other improvements:
  • Added "Open in clone Bible panel" option to the main search box, when entering a verse reference. This makes it very easy to open a new verse in a separate Bible panel (without changing the active Bible verse) and view its entire chapter context.
  • Added "Open in clone panel" right-click option in the Topic and Verse Guides. This way you can open a book or commentary entry in a new window without changing your active book or commentary panel.
  • The Verse Auto-Paste feature, which is invoked with Ctrl+Alt+V when using a different application, no longer forces SwordSearcher to become the top-most window. Many users requested this to make inserting verses into other applications more seamless.
  • Bible highlighting improvements:
    • Improved legibility of red-letter text over highlights.
    • Underlines and background highlights are now contrasted with space between them.
    • Highlight colors are automatically dimmed in dark mode so that they are not overpowering.
  • Fixed certain Windows settings causing text display in SwordSearcher to ignore user color options.
  • Printing text panel content no longer includes the primary background color in the output.
  • Bible panels reload much faster and with less "flicker" after applying a highlight or saving a user entry edit.
  • Fixed some issues with windows staying on top of other applications when SwordSearcher is not the active application.
  • The integrated help system has been modernized to make it easier to read and use.
  • Improved back/forward navigation for Bible, Book, and Commentary panels to better maintain the scroll position of the text.
  • Significant speed improvements for resizing panels with a large number of open library tabs.
  • Improved search result panel captions to be more concise (so their tabs take up less space).
  • Library tabs in "single row" display mode can be scrolled with the mouse wheel.
  • Several "look and feel" improvements with controls like scroll bars and various buttons to improve consistency and give a more aesthetically cohesive experience.
  • Many more usability enhancements and bug fixes.
See what's new from previous releases here.
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Did someone say SwordSearcher 10 is coming ? . . . Lol...😁