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User-submitted Dr. Constable’s Expository (Bible Study) Notes, Web-based 1.0
Links to his notes using bookshelf metaphor

No permission to download
Once unzipped, i 've got the book shelf. in SS8, only the book shelf is shown, the links will always be on the net, correct?
None of this data is loaded in SS8??...

Right, It's all online and should always point to the latest release.

You could copy the text of each of the 66 books from the website and paste it into 66 new SS topics in this module. Then you could edit the bookshelf topic with the html editor and change the links to point to the SS topics instead of the web. The result would look like this for Genesis:

Instead of this:
<AREA href=" " shape=RECT coords=32,26,57,127>

You would do this:
AREA href="swordsearcher://book/genesis" shape=RECT coords=32,26,57,127>

Then do a similar thing to the other 65 links.

If I did the copying, pasting, and fixed the links it would violate the copyright stuff and I couldn't distribute it.

The web version has a nice outline menu in the top left corner of each book.
It's neat how it points to the latest notes. Thanks Bill. 🙂