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User-submitted Dr. Thomas Constable Notes (pdf format) 2018-12-06
Very good notes for each book of the Bible in pdf format

No permission to download
Ok I need help figuring out how to do this. I have downloaded all 66 Bible book pdf files from the provided link to that website. I just temporarily put them into a folder that I made in My Documents. I can move all these later into the final destination folder in SS modules. The problem I'm having is I don't see where to "unzip", neither do I see the folder TCENp-Assets in my SS module folder. Any help on how to get this unzipped and have the TCENp-Assets folder set up would be greatly appreciated.
If you can see the contents of the zip file, just drag the 2 files in the zip file into your Swordsearcher user directory or extract them to the Swordsearcher user directory using the toolbar or menu. Then put all the pdf files that you downloaded into the folder called TCENp-Assets. There will be one file in the TCENp-Assets folder already called bookshelf.png.

I use 7zip as my zip manager. Here's what the contents of the zip file looks like when I double click on it.
Idont get a TCENp-Assets folder when I download the zip forlder for the Companion bible 3rd party module
All updated with 2020.
It went smoooooth and all is good.
Thank You So much wsbones.
Appreciated this little recipe... 😁