Duplicate entries


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Is there an easy way to eliminate duplicate entries in SwordSearcher? I have tried using Forge but find that not easy at all. Right now I made a copy of the module and am working on rebuilding the module. Since I have never done that before, I am not sure just what to expect - so the reason I have duplicated it before starting it. Any suggestions? Thanks much.
By duplicate entries, do you mean entries that have the same content as other entries with a different title or verse? The answer is no, SwordSearcher doesn't attempt to decide when you have duplicated content in multiple entries. There are no tools in SwordSearcher for finding such.

But you mention Forge, so maybe you mean you have an entry file that has multiple entries with the same verse/title. In that case, Forge will just tell you that there is a duplicate entry, but the content of the entry may not be the same...
Yes sir - the entries are exactly the same. So, I take what you have written to mean that I cannot do it. I just discovered that rebuilding the module does not do it either. Thanks much. Swordsearcher is the best! I appreciate your help also.