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User-submitted Fear of the Lord 1.0
A study

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wsbones submitted a new module:

Fear of the Lord - A study

Unzip the file, into your SwordSearcher User Directory.

A study of Fear of the Lord with a summarization, searches, word cloud, and and word tree.

The word cloud contains the top 100 words in all thirty verses containing the phrase, "fear of the Lord". By clicking on a word, SwordSearcher will do a search of the Bible for "fear of the Lord" AND the selected word in the same verses.
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Johnny NL

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WOW !!!!!
indeed, this is really good !!!!
Thank You Sir......👍👍👍


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Thank you, Bill! I like how the Word Cloud works, and this is a great study.


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Thanks indeed Bill, this is beautiful... I love it 😊


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If you create something on and would like to link all the words to BibleGateway automatically, here's how.
In the WORDS/Options section put this in the links pattern box:


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