Finding all forms of a Name... or an Alias finder? is there a module for that I keep missing??

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I can use a basic F2 word search in SwordSearcher , and select;..
"Find all word forms..."
"Find close word matches..."
"Substring search..."
"Include footnotes..."

Or a wild card search for something I do know Like Timot* for Timothy/Timotheus and the like.

But is there a...
AKA (also known as) module?
What if I want to find all forms and names or uses of a Name? Like say Peter/Simon, Paul/Saul and there are others with different names or even spellings or changes from OT to NT for the same person. Maybe even differently named animals for the same critter, or towns and locations and such.

Is there an all in one module or SwordSearcher feature that tracks names and places like this? I suppose if its there I am asking the wrong question to find it.
Thank you!

The "People" module has some of the names, and going to the website to which it points has more names and a little deeper search , but doesn't really address places or things like animals or vegetation/trees and the like. I may just be looking for something that just doesn't exist except by the long route of hunt and peck comparing through the available dictionaries and books. ---I'm always looking to take an easier route--- I need all the help I can get ;). As far as I know, there isn't a better search tool for this than SwordSearcher.

Maybe someone can help me form the correct question to ask a search engine for this information? Thanks again!
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I tried the search engine and found a little of what I am looking for, that I am posting as an example of what I am trying to find in a SwordSearcher Module or anything.

Quote From the above link said:
  • Moses’ father-in-law was known both as Reuel and Jethro (Exodus 2:18; 3:1).
  • Gideon acquired the name Jerubbaal because he destroyed the altar of Baal at Ophrah (Judges 6:32; 7:1; 8:29,35).
  • Pharaoh Necho changed the name of King Josiah’s oldest son, Eliakim, to Jehoiakim (2 Kings 23:34).
  • The apostle Peter is sometimes called Peter, Simon Peter, Simon, and Cephas (Matthew 14:28; 16:16; 17:25; John 1:42; 1 Corinthians 1:12).
  • And Saul is called Paul (Acts 13:9).
Attention needs to be given to how the Bible writers frequently used different names when referring to the same person, because recognition of such name usage may help clarify certain alleged contradictions. Take, for instance, Matthew 1:9. Someone might wonder why Matthew mentioned Uzziah as being the father of Jotham, while 2 Kings 15:1-7 and 1 Chronicles 3:12 call Jotham’s father Azariah. The answer lies in the fact that that both names apply to the same person. Within the same chapter (2 Kings 15), Jotham’s father is called both Azariah (15:7) and Uzziah (15:32). The names are different, but they refer to the same person (cf. 2 Chronicles 26:1-23; Isaiah 1:1).
It's just that so much opinion exists when searching stuff out, I land lots of dead ends by using wrong search terms or something.

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There's no shortcut for this. Even Hitchcock's Bible Names is disappointing here -- Noe is not referenced in Noah (though the definition of Noe is "same as Noah") and Edom doesn't reference Esau, etc. The big encyclopedias have most of the names in there but they are not always cross-linked as one would hope, and as you suggest, there is a lot of opinion mixed into these things.


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Try this website and type in Reuel or any of the above mentioned names -

You can download the whole website legally and make a module from it. I don't think the module could be distributed without permission.

Another problem - there are many people with the same name in the Bible (i.e. Azariah refers to 21 different people). So to make a good module you would need a Bible that was coded to open the correct Azariah topic based on the verse in which the name appears.

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Thanks for helping me restate the question! My life struggle and continual failure is my inability to articulate effectively and understandably.