Forgot the name of a book in my library: Bible people with short typological application

OK, so I feel a might sheepish asking this, but I seem to have forgotten the title of a book in my library that I was recently using. It contains a list of most of the people in the Bible, with a short typological application of their character. I did a search through all the books in the library using various names of Bible people, but none of the hits came up as I remember seeing the definitions in this particular book. Does anybody know which book I'm looking for?



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I have StauOBRD as Stauffer's "One Book Rightly Divided", but "A DICTIONARY OF BIBLE TYPES" as DicTypes. I hope you find your book! :)
Sorry, I put the wrong information in at first, but I since edited and corrected it. Is this what you wanted?
Thanks all for the responses. No, it's not any of the "Types" books. I have all those. This was a larger work, and was not devoted to typology per se, but had a section where it listed the names of various Bible people, then a one or two line typological application of that character. For example, Ruth being a type of the Gentile Church gleaning in the fields of the Old Testament, then becoming the bride of Boaz, the kinsman-redeemer, so representing those who at first, are outside the kingdom of God, but then, upon tasting the Word of the Gospel, come in and are included in His family. I originally stumbled upon it from a reference in the passage guide, and was surprised to see it in the library. Of course, I can't remember which passage I was in to re-create the passage guide, either (as I get older, I'm finding the TV is correct-I don't know "AARP" about anything anymore :()

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I wish I could help point you to what you saw, but it doesn't ring a bell. If you can remember any specific words (the more and more distinctive, the better) you could use the full library search function to locate the entry you were reading. I tried searching for ruth gentile across my library and did not see anything that seemed to fit your description. Though, I do not use all of the third-party modules either.


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I did a full library search for ruth gentile as Brandon mentioned and 28 books and 23 commentaries with references came up. It may not be helpful to you, but it's an interesting study for me! If I find anything that looks like it may be what you're looking for, I'll come back here and post it. Let us know if you find it!