Handy Tool for use with Forge


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Dear all,

Recently I lost a free program that was really useful IMO when making modules via Forge.

It is used to format bold, italics and underlines using MS Word. I got it back by closely following the instructions in the download tool.

It has greatly helped me in the Complete Works of John Bunyan, of which I have finished Volume 1. I now have Volume 2 and Volume 3 in SwordSearcher but have to edit and improve it before releasing it. Anyone who wants to get it and make it better, I will be happy to share it.

The free tool is located at www.theophilos.com under "Download Programs" and is named "Scribe Toolbar 2.4.1"

If you have trouble getting it to work - I don't know you. :) No, I'll be happy to assist as best I can if needed. :)