How can I add pictures to the "image viewer" so I can display them.

I really like the image viewer and how it works. I want to add some pictures to the image files so they can be displayed by image viewer.

So my question is how do I add a book with pictures to the "IMAGE" directory that shows up when I "open the Image viewer"?

It looks like I would have to add a new book with the pictures to the "image" directory but have no idea how to do this.

Thanks for any help you can give me.



Beta Tester
If you want to use the image viewer with your own images in a user book, read this help topic: verse links and links to other resources.

You have to put your images in the c:\program files\swordsearcher\images directory and then use the code editor in a user book to add a link like this:

<a href="swordsearcher://image/yourimage.png">description of image</a>

The book editor has an easier way to insert images but it does not use the image viewer. Look under the insert menu.

Brandon Staggs

Staff member
The only way to do this is to manually copy them into the C:\Program Files\SwordSearcher\Images folder (you could add a folder under that location to name the category). This isn't really recommended or meant to be done, but it will work.

As Bill suggests, you can just paste images into user module entries when you use the editor -- this is the "supported" way of adding images, but they appear right in the book and commentary panels, not the image viewer.
Thanks to everyone.

Your first method works really great, Brandon, and does just what I want.
The Image Viewer gives me a bigger picture and the ability to resize that picture.

I have been using the insert "image" (Bills method for several years now) in the editor and I agree it's a rock solid procedure; but I had to manually resize the image all the time so it would fit my edit screen (which is smaller than the one in the IMAGE VIEWER) or use the scroll bars and it was a big hassle and then I couldn't zoom in or out on the picture and that is really what I wanted to do.

This is really great function; and I should have look for "image" folder under the program folder (I'm NOT the brightest of light bulbs) and thought it had to be in my user app folder. But after your explanation I can see why it belongs in the program folder.

Thanks again for all your help and quick response.
You made my day because you've given me BETTER WAY of handling pictures.


P.S. Did I miss this in the manual again? LOL