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The user editable modules we are blessed to build in SwordSearcher have a folder called (only if needed) not required {ModuleAssets}. This folder is only needed when images, and links are inside the module. If no images and no links then {ModuleAssets} is not needed correct?
What if we use {ModuleAssets} inside the user module; to other folders inside SwordSearcher, then could one do away with actually creating a assetts folder?
I realize that practice should only be on local works (your own PC) not uploaded to the module repository for USERS. Just a question?
Hope the question is correctly asked...
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This is from the SwordSearcher Help file:
Creating Your Own Books and Commentaries > Advanced User Module Maintenance
Images for user module entries are considered assets and stored in a companion folder with the module file. The tools on this page of the Maintenance window are used to ensure that the module does not have any "external" image references not owned by the module. Images from entries which are on web pages or other locations on the local hard drive can automatically be copied into the module's assets folder.

Starting with SwordSearcher 7.1, images pasted into the user editor are automatically copied to the assets folder.
The ModuleAssets folder creates organization by keeping all images used in a user module together and makes referencing images in the module easier as the user doesn't have to hunt through potentially thousands of images in different locations to find the needed image. If a module is shared, all images used in the module can be sent with the module and the links will work because the image location is not changed.
Thanks Marty,
So sounds like the answer is if ONLY TEXT IN A MODULE, no need.
But if anything that has other (images, links, etc.) then create the "MouleAssets Folder.
If you paste an image into the design editor, the assets folder will be automatically created, if needed, on save.
Got it...
Is it best to use .png images?
Seems that .png mostly used inside SS modules?
I used jpg's but want to change them if it is better...
My search and the above:
The Basic Rule: JPEG for Photos, PNG for Graphics

If you remember only one thing from this entire post, let it be this: save your photographs as JPEG format and your graphics (and screenshots) as PNG format.
Is it best to use .png images?
As far as SwordSearcher is concerned it makes no difference.

However, JPG tends to be best for pictures, while PNG is lossless and can be better for text. PNGs for pictures take up more space than JPGs.

But SwordSearcher won't care either way.