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Pastor Langley

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3 layouts, (1) Langley Library (2) Reading Office (3) Sermon Maker. At times I forget which is displayed. Yea I'm 68. Sounds like i'm lazy too.
I call it curious and cool stuff. It's also called "I did (want) it my way" and I cannot even sing... Older folks will get that.
SS is fine like it is. Thankfully Brandon has given much control to the user.

Is there a "VISUAL" that I am missing to remind or show what layout SS is displayed?
Example: Top of Word, Web Browser, etc. tells you where you are.
The coolest thing I just discovered is when I am in AUDIO READING MODE ( Alexander Scourby ) no matter layout choices I change too, it keeps reading the audio. A feature never tested before until TODAY! Amen.
There isn't a label that says what your current layout is because it is dynamic and you can change it in many different ways away from what you last selected... even just moving a splitter changes your layout... but, the Restore Layout item on the View menu or layout toolbar drop-down will tell you the last selected layout you used. I think this is probably what you are looking for.


In both cases in this example I am using "Brandon 1" as my layout. If you select the "restore layout" option or press Alt+A, it will reset the layout so that it matches what was saved, in case you move/resize panels, etc, and want to go back. Also clicking the layout button on the toolbar is a shortcut to Restore Layout.