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User-submitted Linked Searches of Words Following the phrase "This is" in the KJV 2024-05-11
A Bible Study answering the question - WHAT IS THIS?

No permission to download
Download it, unzip it and place the ssbook file into SS user directory in your documents folder.
What version of SS do you have? You might need to upgrade.
I just downloaded it, unzipped it, and put it in the SS user directory. It works.
I finally got it!!!
Using version 8
Thank You,
Hello kjvbible1611
Far from me "pushing" this as a "must", BUT I must say that the latest version has SO MANY new stuff since version 8.
There are many new features that are SO wonderful.
Also, I "use to" panic all the time, (people knows me....Loll) and I became a very good friend of "F1"....(HELP) 😁
Isn't it a "GREAT WONDERFUL" program or what ? ? ?
I love the SwordSearcher, and all the people who makes it so much a Blessing.
Thank you Mr. Staggs, ... and ALL Beta Testers, with there swift answers.
Such a Blessing !