new module request

I have begun a new work on The Complete Works of Andrew Murray (1828-1917)
If there are other works that you have that can be added, let me know. Here are the
books I have so far to include in this superb collection:

01. Absolute Surrender
02. The Master's Indwelling
03. Divine Healing
04. The School of Obedience
05. The Prayer Life
06. The True Vine
07. Two Covenants and the Second Blessing
08. Humility: The Beauty of Holiness
09. Waiting on God
10. Thy Will Be Done
11. Why Do You Not Worry?
12. Be Perfect
13. The Lord's Table
14. The Prophet-Priest
15. The New Life
16. Holy In Christ
17. With Christ In The School of Prayer
18. The Children For Christ
19. The Ministry of Intercession
20. The Power of the Blood of Jesus
21. The Holiest of All (Exposition of Hebrews)
22. The Deeper Christian Life
Note: Might take me a few days to put this one together, So, if I have left any out let
me know. Be glad to include any other Public Domain works that might have been
omitted from the above list.

Wow! Thank you so much.
I second and third...... InDeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeD. ! ! ! ! This is an AWESOME work !!!!!!
Thank You Sir!
This for all who is reading in this Blog: Do you begin to "GRASP" the "Full Power" of SwordSearcher. ???????? 🤓
I Do !!! 😁
Be Blessed !;)
Thanks again!
There is one more book if you can?
The Spirit of Christ.