Newsletter: How SwordSearcher works with Books


Beta Tester
I don't know HOW or WHY I'm suddenly so busy (well I do know how and why 😏) but God willing I'll be back to my regular, retired schedule soon 🙃... however, I'm going to look at that video NOW!!! Thanks in advance Brandon!
Excellent indeed. Thanks for taking the time to do these wonderful videos for us Brandon!
What a great video, Brandon! Thanks! 🤗 You showed me features in SwordSearcher that I didn't know existed!

For anyone who missed the newsletter, here's a link to that video:
Wow! I guess I missed that. And I learned a few things. Not that I had to be convinced, but again, this is a wonderful and very useful tool to study God's Word. I use it at least once a week, but sometimes more often. How integrated everything is from the get go is one of the best traits of the program, and one of it's greatest strengths - and all praise to the Lord Jesus!