Question about interactivity of Bible search


Beta Tester
I have SS-5 open but no panes open.

I use f2 to search for "I trow not" (don't ask why! -- doesn't really matter, but does help with this question since only 1 verse will come up in the search box for that phrase).

Luke 17.9 appears.

I open the Comm pane, but via the "Comm" scroll down menu at the top, so that it opens to the specific book, RWP.

Now I have two panes open -- Search with one verse displayed, and RWP open to the last verse it was active on.

I click the verse in the Search pane so that the Bible window opens to Luke 17.9.

QUESTION -- Is the Comm. pane supposed to role to that verse also?

In this case, it did not.

The "go to verse" window is now showing Luke 17.9 AND for my synch prefs I have the box checked next to "set comm panel to specified verse."

So I thought the comm. should automatically role to the new verse displayed in the Bible pane?

If I alt-g and hit enter, it will. But I guess I thought this should automatically happen, thus saving me a step?

Didn't know if "General" was the best place to raise this thread, but since this is an issue / question with the current version, and others may wonder, I placed it here. Hope that was okay, and I've been clear about what I am asking. Thanks!

PS: TO ANYONE WHO THINKS I'M BEING TOO PICKY -- All true fans of SS know Brandon has crafted a quality Bible study tool for God's people. As such, I'm confident he wants it to be the best it can be. Even down to the jots and tittles. True, there are often bigger fish to fry with regards to planning / implementing / improving the program. But between upgrades and testing, little questions like this can and do come up. And I know from experience Brandon is concerned even with the little tweaks the users would like to see. This attention to detail is in part what makes SS so great.

And, of course -- before any of you witty warriors jump on it, let me say it -- his concern for little tweaks is one reason he puts up with guys like me! (...har-har-har...)
QUESTION -- Is the Comm. pane supposed to role to that verse also?

No, the commentary panel isn't designed to sync on a verse-list click. Sounds like a good item to add to the sync options. I'll add this to the list. Thanks.