Result Map


Beta Tester
Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but when I click on the "Result Map" link in my search results, nothing happens. Or at least nothing I can see. I didn't find a reference to it in the help and was curious what it did. Thanks.

It should open an information window showing how many results in each book, with links that let you skip to the first result of each book. It's the same window as what opens if you click the blue "i" on the toolbar, except that it opens on the result map section instead of the top of the info sheet.

If nothing is happening when you click the link, try using the blue i button on the verse list tool bar and let me know what happens there.

Also, if you haven't allowed Windows to update itself in some time, there may be an issue with the HTML display component. What version of Internet Explorer is on your system? (IE is not required to run SwordSearcher -- but IE and SwordSearcher do use some of the same Windows components, and sometimes Microsoft updates these components through IE.)
The blue "i" button works fine.

I'm still on version 6.0 of IE. (Yes, I know its old, but I use Firefox as my web browser.) I would bet you are correct about the HTML component. I wouldn't worry about it, now that I know the "i" button does the same thing.

I'll get around to updating IE one of these days...

Thanks for the quick reply.