Small text in Go To Verse and Search Toolbar


I'm having trouble with the font size. I've been in settings and preferences and changed the font size on several values but no setting seems to control the size of the font in the Go To Verse and Search Toolbar and its associated drop down options (see image below). There was another place where the text was small too, but can't seem to find it again. Note, I had this working normally when SS was installed on Windows 7, but I recently upgraded to Windows 10, then reinstalled SS.

I've not seen this before.

The fonts size in the drop-down and the box are not configurable. They're based on the current monitor's scaling. They are supposed to look like the menu text, for the most part.

Please go to the Help menu. There's a "System Information" item there. Please send me an email with that. Send it to .
In case someone else is having this problem: It was resolved by allowing Windows 10 to update.