SwordSearcher 8 Released

Brandon Staggs

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I am very happy to be able to announce a major new release. SwordSearcher 8 is the result of a significant effort and it’s great to finally be able to present it to you. Please see below for a summary of the new features and be sure to watch the short video demonstrating a few of them.

All of your upgrade questions are answered here.

New Modules:

  • KJV-TSK: The King James Bible with integrated in-line cross-references from the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge.
    • The extremely useful Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (expanded, with over 800,000 cross-references) is now available in an integrated form in this new Bible panel tab.
    • Hundreds of thousands of cross-references are now presented in-line from notation in the Bible text. It is no longer necessary to go to a separate commentary panel to use the cross-references.
    • Hold your mouse over the notation to preview cross-referenced verses, and click to open them in a verse list panel.
    • No commentary text here, just Scripture-with-Scripture!
    • In addition to cross-references attached to specific words in the verse, there are general cross-references for verses linked at the end of the verse text, and reciprocal references which link from other verses to the presently viewed text.
    • Of course, the TSK commentary module is still included for when you wish to access the supplementary content.
    • KJV-TSK verse list display options can be configured in Preferences. (If you are using Module Sets to control your visible tabs, be sure to add the KJV-TSK to your favorites!)
  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary 1913 [Web1913]
    • A very complete dictionary from the early 20th century. This digital edition organizes identical headwords under a single entry. Not counting plurals or multiple word forms, there are over 120,000 words defined in over 98,000 entries, with over 48,000 cross-linked entries and over 4,300 linked references to Scripture.
    • This does not replace the 1828 Wester's module -- both are included.
New Features:

  • Integrated Bar Graph for Bible search result verse lists.
    • A time-saving visual indication of the frequency of results across the entire Bible, so you can immediately see where the most matches are.
    • Each bar in the graph also functions as a shortcut to the first match in its book.
  • Concordance View mode for Bible search results in Verse List Panels:
    • This is an optional display mode for Bible search results.
    • Displays your search results in a "concordance-style" match-per-line format, optionally including verse widgets.
    • All matches are displayed in a single page with no load or scroll lag, even for tens of thousands of matches.
    • Each match is shown on its own line, which can help clarify match counts for complex searches with overlapping match points in the same verse.
    • There is now a Concordance View Mode toggle button on the Verse List Panel toolbar to let you switch between Full View and Concordance View. You can change the default view mode in Preferences.
  • New KJVSL (and SRVSL) layout: Reverse interlinear.
    • Displays Strong's links under text, rather than in-line.
    • If you wish, you can switch back to in-line mode in Preferences.
  • Comprehensive support for high-DPI and 4K+ displays.
    • Ultra-crisp text and icons at any resolution, especially on newer high-end computers with super-high resolution displays.
    • Complete support for Windows 10 desktop display scaling at any level.
    • Multi-monitor systems with different scaling levels per monitor are also supported.
  • Assign your own hotkeys to your favorite modules with custom module shortcuts.
    • Brings the module to focus with a keyboard shortcut of your choice.
    • Selects the module whereever it "makes sense," like module selection menus and search windows.
  • The Main Search Bar will now automatically accept keyboard input when appropriate. In most cases you do not need to select the search bar to start typing a verse or search.
Other Improvements:

  • KJV module enhancements:
    • Hyphenation of compound proper nouns (e.g. Hazezon-tamar) is now included.
      • These are not pronunciation marks, but are compound joiners present in Common Cambridge Text printings without pronunciation marks.
      • You can still text search either way-- this is a purely visual change to more closely follow printed Bibles.
      • This is optional. If you prefer not to see the hyphens, you can disable display of the hyphenation under File, Preferences, Bible and Verse Panels - Additional Options, Optional Hyphenation.
    • Marginal notes (footnotes in the Bible panel) have been improved:
      • The text of the marginal notes has been conformed to the Common Cambridge Text printings circa 1900; specifically, the circa 1924 Cambridge Cameo editions.
      • Footnote placement is now in-line with the attached words.
      • As in previous versions of SwordSearcher, footnotes are optional and can be hidden or shown with the Toggle Footnotes toolbar button.
    • Bible panel with footnotes and compare mode: if the columns are from the same base module (e.g. KJV and KJV-TSK), the footnote markers are reused in the compare column, and the text in the margin is not duplicated.
    • Added configuration option: File, Preferences, Misc. Options, KJV Version Tag for Export.
      • Allows you to change the version tag for copy/export functions of the KJV module. Works in conjunction with the "include version tag" option in Edit, Configure Copy/Export Formatting. You can choose from KJV, KJB, and AV.
  • User module editor window:
    • Additional formatting options on the editor toolbar.
    • Added Special Characters to the Insert menu, for selecting various non-keyboard characters.
    • Improvements to live spell-check.
    • Redesigned Insert menu dialogs.
  • Redesigned Verse List Panel toolbar for easier/faster access to its features.
    • Added Bar Graph toggle and Concordance View toggle (for search results).
    • Margin area toggle added to Verse List Panel toolbar, which when invoked, automatically duplicates the margin settings from the main Bible panel.
    • Individual margin options can still be toggled.
  • Complete re-design of the settings window (File, Preferences and Settings). Settings options are easier to locate and browse, and more logically grouped.
  • New Web1828 (Webster 1828 Dictionary) module:
    • Single-volume module replaces prior WebsterAJ and WebsterKZ modules.
    • Any links to previous volumes are automatically forwarded to new module.
    • Various improvements.
  • Improvements to Strong's lexicon modules
    • Many corrections to definition content and better transliterations.
    • Added parts of speech after definition.
    • Added shortcut link in heading to search KJV (as well as KJVSL) for the Strong's number. (KJVSL includes Strong's links in the display of the search results, whereas KJV only includes the English.)
    • Some corrections to Strong's tagging in KJVSL.
  • For non-Bible-search verse lists, a border is drawn between verses that are non-sequential.
  • New application-wide module selection drop-down menus make it easier to quickly find and choose modules in search windows, settings windows, etc. These selection menus also support the new user-defined module keyboard shortcuts.
  • Added "1:1" and "fill" buttons to Image Viewer.
  • Global zoom setting now also applies to the Topic Guide, Verse Guide panel, and Library Search Results module list as well as the main text panels.
  • Added a "Share" function to the Bible, Book, Commentary, and Verse List right-click menus. Invokes the Windows sharing tool for the selected text. Windows 10 only.
  • Improvements to English Strong's Indexer content.
  • Improvements to "best matching" algorithm for dictionary lookups (StudyClick, etc.)
  • Improved display of context preview popups make it easier to quickly locate the linked verse.
  • Lots of new keyboard shortcuts; see help file for complete list.
  • Cosmetic improvements.
  • Guard against problems loading modules that have been damaged/corrupted.
  • Numerous additional minor improvements and bug fixes throughout.
Wooooooooo.....that was "sneaky"...?????
Already in....
Today it is a BEAUTIFUL day.....!!!!!:D:):D:)
Oh! my!
What a truck load of new stuff....
Another sleepless, drinking coffee night....!:p
As English my second language... the NEW feature of the Webster's 1913 with the "link" feature is awesome, I just love it...A LOT!
What an UPGRADE !?!?!?;)
Wonderful job, Brandon!
Swordsearcher just keeps getting better and better. The new TSK links and the commentary view will be very helpful as well as other changes I'm sure I will discover.
I installed it on Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS with wine-1.6.2 without any issues and everything works. Well everything I use including audio works.
The hyphenated locations and people in SS8 KJV do not find the non-hyphenated entries in books and dictionaries. I use the sync option for 2clicking to look up a word.

Try Beth-el for example.

There is an option to remove the optional hypenation under preferences/Bible and verse panels/additional option . I'm just reporting this for information.
The hyphenated locations and people in SS8 KJV do not find the non-hyphenated entries in books and dictionaries. I use the sync option for 2clicking to look up a word.

Try Beth-el for example.

There is an option to remove the optional hypenation under preferences/Bible and verse panels/additional option . I'm just reporting this for information.

I'll take a close look at the book/dictionary sync lookup code, but an alternative is to use the Topic Guide, which will match both forms. Two-click can be configured to open the topic guide as well.
Hey Bro,

Just a quick thank you for all the hard work you do for us and your latest upgrade is just over the top:cool: