Taskbar cutting off display in Windows

I thought the program was "losing" the title bar and the toolbar at the top (the one with the search box) until I remembered that I have another program where I have to move the taskbar over to the right of the screen. I usually put the taskbar at the top (yes, I know that sonds weird, but I really don't like it at the bottom.) But when I moved the taskbar over to the right, it chopped it off on that side. This is strtange because it wasn't doing this (chopping off at the top) when I first installed the program. Maybe something in Windows? Does anyone know?


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Is the taskbar on auto-hide? Sometimes a program will open full screen and not adjust for the taskbar. You might try putting the taskbar on auto-hide or taking it off auto-hide and see if that helps.

Brandon Staggs

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Maybe something in Windows? Does anyone know?
If you click the maximize button after you re-arrange your desktop taskbar, it should fill the desktop space.

Well here we are six weeks later and it started doing it again. But this time all the advice didnt seem to help! Then I suddenly had a flash of inspiration. I tried ALT + F to get to the file menu taskbar or whatever it's called. Well, that was a little progress, but when I accidentally the left arrow it took me up into that tiny little menu that pops out of the icon at the extreme left of the top bar -- I guess it's called the title bar and I suddenly realized, all I have to do is select Maximize, and guess what? It worked. So I don't have to fool with my taskbar settings at all!