Thanks for the Newsletters!!

Ken Sturgeon

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I always learn something from the newsletters you send. I didn't realize how much could be done with the word clouds. What a fantastic study aid. Ditto for the passage analysis. I have purchased a lot of software over the years, most of it work related. I can honestly say that SS is, hands down, the best program that I've ever purchased for personal use.

Thanks Brandon.
Even if you watched it before, it is always like finding an old $20 in your jacket's pocket....ENJOYABLE !!!! :D:D:D
Praise God for such knowledge in such a fast pace...... It is like drinking spring water.... NON-stop !!!
Tomorrow, will be my 31st "Born again anniversary"..... SwordSearch brought more knowledge to my soul in the past 8 years, than all my time before, just by myself....
"Just imagine if Paul would be here today, right now, with his laptop with SS in it...." (sorry, just day dreaming, don't pay attention....)
Still..... can you think about the "chats" Mr. Stagg would have with Paul ??????.......;):D