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User-submitted The Gospel in Ezekiel- by Thomas Guthrie, D.D 2014-05-13
The Message of the Gospel in Ezekiel

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The Gospel in Ezekiel- by Thomas Guthrie, D.D - The Message of the Gospel in Ezekiel

Thomas Guthrie does not lead his readers chapter by chapter through the book, but takes us verse by verse in one chapter–chapter 36. His contention is that this chapter–Ezekiel chapter 36–is the very outline of the message of the gospel. Spiritual death and judgment is herein typified in Ezekiel through exile from the land. Restoration from exile to the land–along with all the abundant blessings therein–is a grande fore-picturing of the blessings of salvation

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yes sir...............:)

i have been wanting to convert some of the stuff i have to ss- so there are more coming

i wish i was more adept at using forge.........even though i have a few websites i have built and maintain i don't know much about coding, etc.

the in-house, built module creator works fine, its just all the copying, pasting and formatting that can take forever:( i am thankful it is there and it is one of the features i love about ss:cool: