Using SkyDrive on Windows 8.1 with SwordSearcher User Modules

Brandon Staggs

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Just a tip.

Some SwordSearcher users like to use Microsoft SkyDrive to sync their user modules between PCs. If you are using Windows 8.1, this may or may not work by default any more, due to a change in how SkyDrive syncs files.

By default, files synced with SkyDrive are no longer downloaded to other PCs automatically, but instead are "smart files" in Explorer that are downloaded as-needed by Explorer. The problem is that regular applications like SwordSearcher don't see these "smart files" and so user modules created in SkyDrive folders, in Windows 8.1, don't show up on other PCs in SwordSearcher.

All you have to do to fix this is make the SwordSearcher modules folder in SkyDrive available offline. For example, if you have created a "SwordSearcher Modules" folder in your SkyDrive, on your other PCs you just need to open Explorer, right-click that folder, and select "Make available offline." From that point on, on that PC, the user modules will be visible to SwordSearcher and SkyDrive will automatically synchronize them.


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At first I did it only for the modulesasset folder but now I have made the whole SS modules folder available offline. Thanks again Brandon.

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The other very important reason to MAKE SURE you make the files available offline; is that if you decide not to renew a OneDrive (SkyDrive) subscription via Microsoft Office (if you purchased one), the OneDrive folder goes *poof* when you don't renew.

LOL or is that wwaaaahhhh... :oops: o_O?

I did find most of them online and could download the files. But... I lost a bunch of notes and stuff someplace.