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  1. wsbones

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    Here's a book of links to Bible genealogies for each character in the KJV. See discussion under General.

    It's the last item on the page.
  2. Brother Mike

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    Very nice, Bill. Thanks for another great resource!!
  3. wsbones

    wsbones Beta Tester

    I updated the module again.

    I was disappointed that I couldn't 2click on a person's name in the Bible and have it find an entry in the topic guide for the Bible genealogy module. So I made an topic entry for each name (in addition to the first topic which has the complete list of names). Now it works as I envisioned it.

    Sorry to keep changing it but it's an improvement :)
  4. Brother Mike

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    Better is always a good thing ;)
  5. Gus

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    I have downloaded the Bible Genealogy to my computer. Can the module be directed to a folder on my hard drive?
    God Bless Gus
  6. wsbones

    wsbones Beta Tester

    I have been trying to think of a good way to do this. I downloaded their website also. They use search functionality on the internet website to find the appropriate file to open when you enter a name. On the download site, they give you a breakdown by the ABC's and you find the name and it's file association manually.

    Here's one thing you could do. Edit the first topic in the Bgen module using the raw html editor and paste the following at the top (where c:/BibleGen/ is the name of the directory where you stored the downloaded web site.)

    <a href=file:///C:/BibleGen/name_index.htm>index</a>&nbsp; on hard drive of all names<p>
  7. wsbones

    wsbones Beta Tester

    Gus, I put a new version of the Bgen module here:

    If you put the downloaded website in C:\BibleGen\ this should work for you. Look in the first topic of the Bgen book. If you put the downloaded website in a different directory, you'll either have to move it to c:\BibleGen\ or edit the first topic to point to your location.
  8. Eric

    Eric Beta Tester

    Amazing, Bill! That is one very impressive piece of work. My problem is that I want to put the website files on my harddrive at E:\Program Files\SwordSearcher 5\UserAddedResources\

    I also saved it at C:\BibleGen like you recommended, and all works well, but my C drive is almost full. I tried to paste in the following reference at the top of the Bgen module to point where I put the website files on the E: drive, but it didn't work. Any idea what I did wrong?

    <a href=file:///E:\Program Files\SwordSearcher 5\UserAddedResources\>index</a>&nbsp; on hard drive of all names<p>

  9. wsbones

    wsbones Beta Tester

    Try replacing the space in "Program Files" and between "SwordSearcher 5" with %20.

    I copy the files over to my E drive later and try it later if that doesn't work.
  10. wsbones

    wsbones Beta Tester

    Here's how it should look. You also need quotes around the file specification like this:

    <a href="file:///E:/Program%20Files/SwordSearcher%205/UserAddedResources\">index</a>&nbsp; on hard drive of all names<p>
  11. Gus

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    Bro. Bill

    I have tried what you said but it still seem to go to the web. I also downloaded the new ss5 program but it still goes to web sight. I have the program in C:/Biblegen/.

    I may be putting the file in wrong place,I have a swordsearcher mod folder in my documents.

    I put the file you gave in my ss5/mod in my program folder. I am truly sorry for not understanding all of this.

    God Bless.
  12. Brother Mike

    Brother Mike Active Member

    Hi Bill

    If I select (double click) a name in the Bible, say Moses, should the bgen tab highlight and moses be in the book panel when bgen is selected?

    I will double click a name in the Bible pane and bgen does not come uop as a selected book and the list of name is there when I select the bgen tab.

    Not sure if I am using this incorrectly
  13. wsbones

    wsbones Beta Tester

    I wish it would work that way but here's the way I use it. I have my preferences set up to display the Topic and Verse Guide when I double click on a word in the Bible or other window. Then when the "TV Guide" comes up, I select "A Bible Genealogy". That brings up the entry in the BGen module.

    You could make it work the way you describe if you make the double click action go only to the Bgen module in the sync option preferences but that would be too limiting for me.
  14. Brother Mike

    Brother Mike Active Member

    Very good. Thanks Bill
  15. wsbones

    wsbones Beta Tester


    What happens when you click on one of the A..Z links in the Bgen module first topic called "_List all names". When you hover the mouse over the "A" you should see a tooltip popup that says:


    The first topic A .. Z links are the only ones that are linked to stuff on your hard drive. All the rest of the topics and links go out to the site on the internet.

    Hope that explains it.
  16. Brother Mike

    Brother Mike Active Member

    OK Bill

    Things are working the way you described, but I just want tot throw this out so I have it clear in my head.

    If using the local drive method (alpha list selection) then this needs to be done by manually selecting the bgen tab to access the list, correct?? Because if I double click a word and go via TV Guide, it goes directly to the specified name.

    Nice piece of work there, Bill!!
  17. wsbones

    wsbones Beta Tester


    They use a .php script to search the files on the internet web site and return the appropriate screen for the name entered. That's not available on the download - only the A-Z links to files containing A-Z name lists.

    It would be nice to fully integrate this but I think that would be a big job. The other thing that makes it tricky is - some names are for multiple people. Check "Abdi" for example. You would need to link the user book entry for Abdi to abdi_1349.htm, abdi_1979.htm and abdi_2243.htm.

    They pick up all the possibilities when they run the search script. If you use the A..Z list, you only pick one name at a time. I thought about linking each name in the user book to the multiple files on the hard drive for that name, but I settled on using the internet links instead since I am always connected.

    The way they link the included HTML Bible to all the names would be a great feature of SS, but think of all the added links Brandon would have to put in to the source text. It would be a great study tool though.
  18. wsbones

    wsbones Beta Tester

    Here's how the ssbook topic for Abdi would look:

    <a href="file:///C:\BibleGen\names\abdi_1349.htm">1. Abdi</a><br>
    <a href="file:///C:\BibleGen\names\abdi_1979.htm">2. Abdi</a><br>
    <a href="file:///C:\BibleGen\names\abdi_2243.htm">3. Abdi</a><br>

    You would probably want to put a better description instead of 1. 2. 3.

    It might be doable to write a program to go through all the A ... Z files and pull out the name, description, and file references, and then create all the hyperlinks to the hard drive files. Then you would put the matching information into each topic by name.

    I'll leave it for Brandon :)
  19. Gus

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    Brother Bill and Mike;

    Think I am going to stick with using the web. You all have lost me in the tec. stuff. LOL But Bill I do thank you for your little program and it works fine for me.

    God Bless and thank you so much.
  20. Brother Mike

    Brother Mike Active Member

    Brother Gus

    If you pretty much always have an Internet connection, then that way will, by a long shot, probably be your better option.

    By the way. How did you fare on your Bible study material you emailed me about??