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    I found a way to create a hard drive version of Bible Genealogy without too much effort. You can download it at this link:

    It assumes you have the Complete-Bible-Genealogy in a subdirectory called c:\BibleGen

    When you double click on a name in the Bible window, the Topic and Verse Guide will show 1 or more entries depending on how many different characters have that same name. For example, Abdi shows in the TV Guide as (in alphabetic order)

    Abdi Abdi_1349.htm - A Bible Genealogy HD Version
    Abdi Abdi_1979.htm - A Bible Genealogy HD Version
    Abdi Abdi_2243.htm - A Bible Genealogy HD Version

    Clicking on the TV Guide will take you to the topic where you click on See Abdi

    This module is called bgen1. The first topic is again a list of all names. The rest of the topics are one per name.
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    Thanks for the help. I tried directly copying and pasting in that new link (with the quotations marks). It still doesn't work. Let me know if you try it on your E: drive and it works. Thanks for trying.
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    It does work on my e drive. I copied everything just as you described and tested the link that I posted. Make sure everything is spelled exactly for your situation. Check the " before file and after htm. Also check the %20 after Program and SwordSearcher.

    <a href="file:///E:/Program%20Files/SwordSearcher%205/UserAddedResources\">index</a>&nbsp; on hard drive of all names<p>

    What does the link show when you hover the cursor over it in Swordsearcher?
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    Sorry, Bill! It's my spelling skills that are lacking! I had spelled "genealogy" in the website name stored as a directory as "geneology" :sad:. It now works great! My hearty thanks to you.
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    Hi, Bill,
    I can't find that module anymore. Is Bgen1.ss5book better than Bgen.ss5book, which is what it seems I have. I'm just now putting the folder in c:\BibleGen now (somehow during some upgrade I must have missed it).
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    I'm also wondering if this will work very well on Windows 10. Since it now has Edge as its default browser, will that cause problems? The reason I'm asking is that I'm even having some kind of credentials problems copying the BibleGen folder from the Mac side of my machine (where I had archived it) to the Windows side. From web searches I've learned that when Edge was implemented in Win10, some things changed, and now I'm getting "Error 0x80070057: the parameter is incorrect." when I try to copy. I tried two methods I found on the web to fix the problem, but they didn't help.
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    Try this one. It works nicely as a margin link in the Bible pane. It identifies the correct person when more than one have the same name. It doesn't use a browser, just SS. Unzip to your SS user directory.!AhxvuvB-C1YHhe0rvl5EJqRd77p6iQ

    I think Google Pages went away
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    Thank you, Bill. That is helpful! It's up and running. I got (most of) the other directory to copy over, but maybe some rogue characters in some names were causing that error message. In any case, I never did get it to work.

    But this one (BPpl, a.k.a. Bible People) is working great.
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    Thanks Bill.... This is awesome !!!
    Thank you Sir.