Strange issue with "verse guide"

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  1. I just sent you a new crash report because I did a full reset of Windows 10 using the built in recovery feature and didn't save user files. I hoped maybe there was some other clue. After the reset, I installed only SS 8.1 no other apps... no old SS settings, no user books; in the hopes of having as clean of an OS install as possible (without having to reload drivers). Since I do not have any crashing issues from my other "test" computers, I have to assume this crashing issue is some hardware or driver issue related to just this machine.

    I think it's still within my 90 days of being able to take it back... ;)
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    Thanks again. I've received it and I'll be working in that code this week to see if I can find a clue. I'll send anything else by email. I'm at least glad you aren't seeing the crash on other computers.
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    Update: we figured out what was causing the crash. If a panel is being docked to a window on a monitor that is configured to be "higher" the primary monitor in a multi-monitor setup, the layout engine gets confused and causes this crash.

    A workaround is to configure the display settings in Windows so that the monitors have the same "top" position.

    This bug will be fixed in the next program update.
  4. It is amazing how fast you figure these things out! (sorry my explanations were so hard to decipher) You certainly have been blessed and anointed for this work and SwordSearcher is also proof. Thank you for this ministry!!!
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    Thanks so much for your patience and help.
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    Pretty Fast after market service, hey ?????
    He is anointed.... AMEN!!!!!