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    "God of Wonder"

    Have you seen "God of Wonder"? It's worth a look! It's in SD format and is getting harder to find as time goes by, but will cheer your heart. Here's a link to take a look:
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    Can I put a PDF into a user book?

    If the above doesn't work for you, you could try opening the pdf file in Word - make it editable, then make sure everything is where it should be and formatted correctly and copy it to your SS module from Word.
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    What are you studying right now?

    I started studying prayers in the Bible and have been making a collection of verses and prayers on recipe cards. I feel it helps me with my prayers. Today I came across a list of 21 Names of God with verses and prayers (online) that I'm adding to the Prayer Cards. I can carry the cards around...
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    No BDB or Thayers?

    This is how I see the value of looking at the Original Languages - no pressure implied. I totally agree that a Memorial Service isn't the place to conduct an in-depth word study, however, I worked on an old, old dictionary once and was amazed at how the language has changed over the years. Some...
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    English to Hebrew/Greek Analysis

    All the questions help the rest of us either see what we've been missing or getting answers to questions we didn't know how to ask. So THANKS! :D
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    User-submitted Similies in the Bible

    Have you ever done a search on what's in the Bible about the "Heart"? 833 matches in 765 verses. It's a good Word Tree build...
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    User-submitted Similies in the Bible

    Yes, thanks! Very interesting!
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    User book file deleting?

    Have you checked the recycle bin for the deleted modules? That would be my first worry - all my lost modules. If you can recover them, can you back them up to a different folder or sd card or thumb drive? Being very careful so you don't lose files that you want... Have you tried creating a...
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    Lamentations 2

    I agree!
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    No BDB or Thayers?

    I actually wasn't answering your post (sorry) - I was thanking Brandon for not just throwing any available material into SwordSearcher. It takes a lot of effort and diligence to keep everything legit, and he does that FOR US so we can trust that the material included in SS is true to the...
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    No BDB or Thayers?

    Thank you, Brandon, for keeping the materials in SwordSearcher true to their original sources. You keep SwordSearcher a reliable resource by your diligence. :)
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    User-submitted S.C. Adams Syncronological Chart

    That is a LOT of information! Thanks, Bill! :)
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    Mid-east Update Videos

    Wow, this is a powerful message! Dr. Hindson is a guest speaker...
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    God's words in blue.

    Ah, on second read, you're right! Sorry for steering everyone sideways! ;)
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    God's words in blue.

    Are you aware that in SwordSearcher you can make the words of Christ a different color in the Preferences menu under Bible and Verse List Panels/Additional Options?