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    Images in user modules

    The ModuleAssets folder creates organization by keeping all images used in a user module together and makes referencing images in the module easier as the user doesn't have to hunt through potentially thousands of images in different locations to find the needed image. If a module is shared...
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    Images in user modules

    This is from the SwordSearcher Help file: Creating Your Own Books and Commentaries > Advanced User Module Maintenance Images for user module entries are considered assets and stored in a companion folder with the module file. The...
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    Commentary that sends links to all its Bible references to the Bible margin

    I have an underscore, i.e., _Notes, at the front of mine... That puts it at the top of the list in most instances, but at the bottom of the list in the drop-down selection for the commentary panel.
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    Books Created inside Sword Searcher

    There are software programs that will convert pdf files to text. They're not free, but might be worth the price if you have a lot of pdfs to convert.
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    Newsletter: How SwordSearcher works with Books

    What a great video, Brandon! Thanks! 🤗 You showed me features in SwordSearcher that I didn't know existed! For anyone who missed the newsletter, here's a link to that video:
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    Mistake in Alexander Scourby

    I've found a few wrong words in the audio files - not just Scourby. It must be a hard job reading the Bible through for publication.
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    UPTime and SwordSearcher

    I had company so watched late - 3 hours later... Very nice testimony, Johnny! I loved seeing you, and I love seeing your bunker. I really enjoyed listening to you. God bless!
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    UPTime and SwordSearcher

    That's awesome, Johnny! I'll put it on my calendar! 6:30 Mountain time...
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    Books/Commentary question

    If you look at the word in my screenshot with the red box around it (Love), the blue dots in the module selection mark other modules with an entry that matches that word - it could be a variation, like 'loved' or 'loves'. If you click on the module marked with the blue dot, it will open with...
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    H.A. Ironside Expository Notes Isaiah

    Bill is great with Forge - I'm glad he's helping you!
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    H.A. Ironside Expository Notes Isaiah

    Do you know any html at all?
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    H.A. Ironside Expository Notes Isaiah

    You can also look up simple html code for a single thing online, i.e., Google "html code for blockquote," and you might get what you need just by reading the search results. I taught myself html code and javascript a loooong time ago by looking at the source code of a website that had something...
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    Book Module Entry Problem

    Your fix is the only way that I know. I number the entries if I want them in a specific order.
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    Moving commentary entries to a different module

    I used macros in Excel many times when I was working. Am I right to remember that you said you can copy just fine in editor mode and we're looking for a way to copy without having to open and close the editor so many times?
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    User-submitted Search Personal Commentary for Categorized Words

    Thanks! That's a great category!