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    How to download and install modules from this forum [INFO]

    If you download the John Burgon material from the modules on this site, it may be a zipped file. You will have to double-click on the downloaded file to open it, then copy the files listed into your Documents/SwordSearcher User Modules folder. Then when you open SwordSearcher next time, they...
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    Pop-up footnotes in user created modules?

    I'm glad it will work for you! It's always fun to find ways to do what you want. :)
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    Pop-up footnotes in user created modules?

    Regie, I poked around a little to see if there might be a work-around and found that if you want to make a book module of just the footnotes and create a separate entry in that module for each footnote, you can create a link in your primary module to those entries in the Editor by using...
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    Highlight section

    Brandon has made some GREAT videos to show you how to do things with SwordSearcher - here's the one about making your own modules: I made an entry for each highlight color and put my highlighted verses in the appropriate entry. I'd like to...
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    Highlight section

    I put the designation of the colors in a module because I was forgetting what meant what. It's nice to see at a glance if a verse contains the attributes of Jesus, Holy Spirit or Father God, or a promise, or a warning, etc. I use Green for Promises, Pink for Comfort verses, Purple for...
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    A quick question

    On the main screen, choose Edit from the menu, then choose Configure Copy/Export Formatting. I think you want option C.
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    Editing Module Information

    I think he's asking about the Module Information that is an option when you right-click on a tab - the info that tells you where the module came from, etc.
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    Dead Mentors. Do you have one?

    I have a user commentary called "My Margin Notes" that is linked to a widget. I can see my notes on a verse by hovering over the widget, add a new note to a verse by clicking on the widget or add to existing notes with a shift-click, enter references to other verses or passages in other books...
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    Restoring my user made modules

    Your user modules are in the Documents/SwordSearcher User Modules folder on your computer. You can copy all the files in that folder to a disk, flash drive or memory stick and then when you're ready for them on the new computer, copy them back to the same folder. You may have to create the...
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    Dr. Patrick Reilly

    I'll do it.
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    StudyLampSoftware YouTube Channel

    The SutdyLampSoftware channel just popped up in YouTube (it's in my 'subscribed' list) and I saw the video on Passage Analysis. I've overlooked that most interesting tool - but no more! I get so set in my uses of SwordSearcher - the videos are are a great reminder of all the fantastic tools...
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    User-submitted Chapter and Verse Numbers

    If you click on the drop-down selection arrow, you can choose it off the list. I think if you have specific Bibles selected for your tabs, this one won't show up unless you select it.
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    User-submitted Chapter and Verse Numbers

    I can't quite visualize what you're trying to do. If we look at one thing at a time, I'm sure we can straighten it out. To start with, let's look at the stuck Edit mode. What exactly is the CVN module - is it a commentary module?
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    User-submitted Chapter and Verse Numbers

    If you right-click on a verse, you can choose to copy the verse in the list of options that pop up - then when you paste the verse (or range of verses) into your module, the book, chapter and verse will be included. Does that answer your question?
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    How do you uninstall / remove a book, commentary, and dictionary?

    You can delete user modules from within SwordSearcher - it's in the User menu.