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    Adding highlights and notes to commentary?

    If the edit link is grayed out, the commentary can't be edited. I think most of the commentaries aren't editable. You can tell which ones can be edited by the little pencil next to the name on the tabs.
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    Organizing Sermons

    Good morning, Chuck! Whether you choose to create one module or two is your preference, but I think it would be easier to name the entries if you create two modules. For instance, if you have one module, EACH of the entry names would have to include a designation for 'topical' and 'textual' if...
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    Know ye not?

    Oh, I like this! ❤️
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    The word "if" after a bible verse

    I haven't seen that. Where was the text you were copying? Was it from a module or from a Bible? Could it be a Bible version reference, like "Re 14:14 KJV"? I would look carefully at the source.
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    How to create notes?

    This is one of my favorite things: If you create a commentary (such as "My_Notes), you can link it to a widget in the Bible panel (File > Preferences > Bible & Verse Panels > Verse Widgets), then when you want to make a note, click on the widget and the commentary will pop up so you can add the...
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    Could someone make a video featuring the less known features of SwordSearcher

    I love that the newsletter showcases the different features of SwordSearcher - I get so used to certain ones that I forget about some others. When I see them in the newsletter, it's like Christmas!
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    How to download and install modules from this forum [INFO]

    Sometimes my browser security blocks multiple downloads from a site. It puts up a little icon with an exclamation point on the title bar. I click that and check the option to allow multiple downloads from the specific site, and all is well. I don't know if that's what's happening with your...
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    Table backgrounds

    I don't know if there's an easier way to do it without editing in code mode, but if you do go to code mode you can insert a color background using this bit - bgColor=red - where "red" can be any color you want - there are also color numbers or hex codes that will give you different shades (you...
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    Module does not appear in folder

    Click on the Documents folder and do a search for the file. It should show up on the list and if you rest your cursor on it, the location information will show up. If you don't see it in the list, try searching using fewer letters, i.e., the first few letters of the filename. The search...
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    Sticky Notes

    Thanks, Bill! I have a sticky note program that is really nice and works well for quick notes. I was thinking about a sticky note application within SwordSearcher, so the note could stay within SwordSearcher instead of being a separate program...
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    Sticky Notes

    When I'm working through a particular study or problem, it would be neat to have a popup space to make some notes while I organize my thoughts - like a Get Em Done sticky. It would be cool to be able to just close (delete) the note when I'm done, or save it for future reference and even...
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    Prayer Tracker

    I used to use it all the time, but have started using a paper prayer book, and I use the reading schedule in SS. I agree, though , it would be a great addition to SwordSearcher.
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    User-submitted J. Vernon McGee Audio File Journal

    Yes, the files need to be in C:\jvma\ not C:\Documents\SwordSearcher\jvma.
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    User-submitted J. Vernon McGee Audio File Journal

    You have to download the mp3 files from and put them in a folder named jvma on your c: drive. You can find the mp3 files on the Resources page. Hope this helps.
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    User-submitted The Spirit World (Larkin) [LSW]

    That did it, Bill! Even with my security setting changed back to enhanced, I downloaded the zipped file without a problem. 🙂