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    Ten Ideas

    Number 5 is available now - go to File, Preferences and Settings, Fonts and Colors. You can even set colors and fonts for the individual panels. Lots of settings in Preferences and Settings.
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    I like being able to highlight just part of a verse. Some verses contain warnings and promises together and I highlight warnings in red and promises in green. Sometimes a verse will include an attribute of God, Jesus or Holy Spirit and I highlight just that part in Their particular colors...
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    I have a lot of wishes for the highlights system and am just waiting for the subject to come to a front burner. I used to keep a wish list, but don't know what happened to it so I'll have to start another! Maybe I'll make it into a book module so I won't lose it again. :)
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    Big Picture Bible Study

    I wondered what the difference is. Great resource, Bill! Thanks!
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    How do I Link to Images in User Module

    I have a test module with an asset folder called 33test-Assets and the code below pulled an image from there and put it in my module. I used this exact code, I didn't substitute "33test-Assets" where it says "{ModuleAssets}" - {ModuleAssets} is the code for 'look in the module name-Assets...
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    Oh Lord, Our Lord - Marty Goetz

    I love this song! I listen to it to clear the world's blasphemies out of my ears. Catchy tune!
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    Books and Dictionaries tab/history navigation

    I didn't know that there is a blog on! :D After I poked around some there, I see a lot of things on that site that I didn't know were there! Pretty cool, Brandon! I love the action of the images on, too, btw. Nicely done!
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    KJV Paper Copy

    As a member of the 'instant' generation, I feel your pain! I pray you see your new Bibles before Christmas. How exciting it will be to open that box...
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    Genesis to Revelation Bible Course

    I have a couple ideas, but am going out to dinner right now. I'll check back and see if Brandon has got this. In the meantime, if you look at Help > Installed Modules, do you see the module listed under books?
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    Genesis to Revelation Bible Course

    What is the file name? Is it a zip file?
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    Genesis to Revelation Bible Course

    Where did you put it in your computer? It needs to be in the Documents/SwordSearcher User Modules folder...
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    Bookmarks Ctrl + #

    I gave it the test and I get the same results. On the other hand, if I use the shortcut keys for things like the degree symbol (alt + 0176), the keypad works but not the numeric keys on the keyboard. Must act as two different units. :)
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    It would be nice to have the final question mark highlighted as well...
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    Read scripture

    You can put in a list of related verses like (these aren't necessarily related - I just picked some) Re 3:9; Jn 3:16, Mt 2:10... etc. and it will read through all of them as one text. I guess they don't have to be related, maybe just good friends. ;)