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A Bible Study Form [ABblStudy] 2015-01-11
Bible Study Form [ABblStudy]

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This is a form for keeping track of your Bible study. It has entries for Genesis only, but you can copy the form to new entries for the other books. I find that things stick in my memory longer if I write them down. This module has a couple of my notes. You should replace them with your own notes. Also, when you put a reference between the / slash marks, SwordSearcher won't abbreviate the name, which I did because it has more visual weight.

As you can see in the first couple of chapters, when I see our Father's name in the text, I'll enter it with a link to Strong's Hebrew Dictionary and then put a brief meaning with it. It's pretty easy to do. I have KJVSL open as a comparison and rest the cursor on the name of God, so I can see the number of its definition, then in the editor of the module, I type the name and highlight it, click on Insert in the menu and navigate to the Strong's Hebrew Dictionary and select the definition number from the list. Of course, you can just type it in, or don't do it at all. :)

I hope you find this module useful!
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