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A Body of Practical Divinity (Gill) [GillBPD] 1.0
A Body of Practical Divinity, John Gill, 5 vols.

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Gill's 5-book work of practical theology: On the Worship of God; On External Worship; Of the Public Ordinances of Divine Worship; Of Private Worship; A Dissertation Concerning the Baptism of Jewish Proselytes.

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Module contents:
Book I. On the Worship of God.
Chapter 1. Of the Worship of God, or Practical Religion of the Object of Worship.
Chapter 2. Of Internal Worship, and of Godliness the Groundwork of it.
Chapter 3. Of the Knowledge of God.
Chapter 4. Of Repentance Towards God.
Chapter 5. Of the Fear of God
Chapter 6. Of Faith in God and in Christ
Chapter 7. Of Trust and Confidence in God
Chapter 8. Of the Grace of God
Chapter 9. Of the Grace of Love
Chapter 10. Of Spiritual Joy
Chapter 11. Of Peace and Tranquility of Mind
Chapter 12
Chapter 13. Of Thankfulness to God
Chapter 14. Of Humility
Chapter 15. Of Self-Denial
Chapter 16. Of Resignation to the Will of God
Chapter 17. Of Patience
Chapter 18. Of Christian Fortitude
Chapter 19. Of Zeal
Chapter 20. Of Wisdom or Prudence
Chapter 21. Of Godly Sincerity
Chapter 22. Of Spiritual Mindedness
Chapter 23. Of a Good Conscience
Chapter 24. Of Communion with God

Book II. On External Worship, as Public
Chapter 1. Of the Nature of a Gospel Church, the Seat of Public Worship
Chapter 2. Of the Duties of the Member of a Church to Each Other
Chapter 3. Of the Officers of a Church, Particularly Pastors
Chapter 4. Of the Duties of Members of Churches to their Pastors
Chapter 5. Of the Office of Deacons
Chapter 6. Of the Discipline of a Church of Christ
Book III. Of the Public Ordinances of Divine Worship
Chapter 1. Of Baptism
Chapter 2. Of the Lord's Supper
Chapter 3. Of the Public Ministry of the Word
Chapter 4.Of Public Hearing the Word
Chapter 5. of Public Prayer
Chapter 6. Of the Lord's Prayer
Chapter 7. Of Singing Psalms, as a Part of Public Worship
Chapter 8. Of the Circumstances of Public Worship, as to Place and Time

Book IV. Of Private Worship, or Various Duties, Domestic, Civil, and Moral
Chapter 1. Of the Respective Duties of Husband and Wife.
Chapter 2. Of the Respective Duties of Parents and Children
Chapter 3. Of the Respective Duties of Masters and Servants
Chapter 4. Of the Respective Duties Of Magistrates and Subjects.
Chapter 5. Of Good Works in General
Chapter 6. A Compendium or Summary of the Decalogue or Ten Commands

Book V. A Dissertation Concerning the Baptism of Jewish Proselytes
Chapter 1. A Dissertation Concerning the Baptism of Jewish Proselytes Of the Various Sorts of Proselytes Among the Jews.
Chapter 2. The Occasion of this Dissertation
Chapter 3. The Proof of the Baptism of Jewish Proselytes Inquired Into; Whether there is any Proof of it Before, At, or Quickly After the Times of John and Christ.
Chapter 4. The Proof of this Custom only from the Talmuds and Talmudical Writers.
Chapter 5. The Reasons Why Christian Baptism is not Founded on, and Taken From, the Pretended Jewish Baptism of Israelites and Proselytes.​
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